BFP Countdown April 2008

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austynsmommy - April 5

A new thread for a new month ladies. Lets get some BFP this month. Baby Dust To All.


Becky22 - April 5

Hi Amanda. Yeah I hope we do get some bfp's for new year babies!


mommyof2tryin4#3 - April 5

hi ladies not expecting af til april 16th hoping it doesn't show it's ugly face prayers going up for lots of bfp's


austynsmommy - April 5

How are you doing becky? I have been ttc now for 11 months. How long have you been ttc? I am getting a little ansy. I guess it will happen when it happens.


Babywishes - April 6

i been trying for 10 months wif 1 chemical and 1 miscarriage 10dpo now :)


Becky22 - April 6

I've been trying since the end of Sept 2007, which is when I came off the bcp. This will be my first child. My cycles haven't got regular yet though - I had 2 at 47, one at 37 & one at 37 days. Since this cycle began though I've been taking FertilAid, which I'm hoping will regulate my cycles. I'm going to start temping next month.


austynsmommy - April 6

Good evening ladies, I am doing great. I am on cd 7. I am getting closer to O. Oh the dreaded wait. :). How are you doing lilymummy?


lilymummy - April 7

Hi Amandam,, I'm doing fine, just looking forward to being able to try again. Hoping this doesn't throw my cycle out too much! I'm thinking of you guys waiting to O. How's the preseed working out for you guys? Are you taking any vitamins other than the regular folic acid, etc?


austynsmommy - April 7

I'm just taking prenatal pills. My doctor said that was fine will ttc. I am also taking iron pills because I am animac. The preseed worked good. I still dont understand why I was late. Stupid cycles. lol.


tdo - April 7

Hi ladies, I'm hoping for my BFP this month too. I had a dnc due to an unviable preg in Feb. My AF is late:-) but still no BFP. Maybe tomorrow. Lots of luck to all of us.


lanislee - April 7

Hi ladies! Haven't been on for awhile, but I still don't have af and it's cd 75. I had a dr's appt today and she's having me be on bcp's for a month and then after that month we will be using opk's to try to get pregnant. She did a ton of bloodwork so we can rule some things out . She said you're most likely to get pregnant the first 3 months off the pill so hopefully this will work for us. We just see if my bloodwork is normal and then we go from there. I was just happy that she's willing to do something about this. Good luck to all of you! We need some big BFP's!!


lilymummy - April 7

Hi guys! Lanislee I just saw your post on another thread about Hcg levels of 117! Let us know about the results of your bloodwork. I'm hoping the chemical preg doesn't throw out my ovulation too much, I guess I am going to have to remorgage the house for o tests this month :)! Baby dust!


Tiggy - April 8

Hi Ladies, still here and no AF, I'm in the same boat as Lanislee but man I am going to the DR's for sure. Yay to her BFP and its hope for me!!!!!!


Babywishes - April 8

Hey girls, I'm now 12DPO, i have the worst indigestion ever imagined! I cant even sleep, but i think its too much garlic, i am a little tired, urinating all the time and my b___bs are like grapefruits and the nipples are so sore! If AF is on her way i wish she would hurry up lol. I ovulated later this cycle so we will see if it makes a difference. Anywayz Baby Juice


Babywishes - April 8

well spoke to soon, started spotting this afternoon, very small amounts of brown but i know it's just af getting ready to come stay for 4/5 whole days, oh well theres always next month, goodluck to the rest of you :) Baby Juice


lillybug - April 8

Hey girls, I hope you girls don't mind if I join this chat. I'm on cd 68 and I finally got a positive OPK yesterday and today, I called my Obgyn and she told me that most likely I should expect AF on April 20 through the 23rd. So lets see what happens. I usually have 32 day cycles and for some reason this cycle is longer. Way Longer. lol I felt ovulation pains yesterday and this morning and I did bd with dh last night, can't wait to get home from work and bd again. I want to see if I can get that egg! lol Before i ever went on bcp my cycles were long like this, so maybe I'm back to long cycles. who knows. I can't wait until tells me when I ovulated, but that won;t show for another three days most likely. Babywishes- sorry to hear about AF trying to show up,


trynagain - April 8

Hi Ladies, I am new to the site, logged on last week. I just got a BFP++++ yesterday. I have one dd, tried for many years to conceive her, now after one month, i am pregnant with #2! I am in shock, i didn't think it would happen so symptoms prior to finding out were mainly fatigue and tingly bbs. I had light cramping right before my expected af. I hope you all get your bfp's this month. To those who didn't good luck next month!



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