BFP For 2006 Part 4

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BrendaW - March 29

Hi everyone- I dont have anything poetic to say, but i hope we get a bfp on this thread like the last one!! Congrads again Jessie! Baby dust to all.............


Lin - March 29

You're so funny, Brenda! The only reason why I didn't start a new thread earlier is because I couldn't think of anything to say that was as nice as the last thread-starter!


jessieb - March 29

hi ladies! found it!! i know we will get another bfp! i can feel it!


Amber #2 - March 29

Hi ladies!! How's it going for everyone tonight? Pretty good for me! I just have to start cleaning the house b/c my mother in law is coming tomorrow and staying with us until who knows when! Not looking so forward to that, but oh well! I really need to go feed the dogs, they are barking outside so I will get back on in a while. Just thought I would say hi to everyone! Lots of babydust.....


liz24 - March 30

My b___bs are aching, wow its intense..... :) 7 dpo, bfn... baby dust!!!


BrendaW - March 30

Welcome to the thread liz...... so tell us your story. How long trying to concieve? Any previous pregnancies? Amber, is your mother n law moving in?? Do you guys get along? I loved my ex mother n law....... we still talk, she is a good lady and was like a second mom. I felt like i was breaking up with his family too when we split, it was almost as hard as the breakup and no kids to tie us together. Good Luck Liz! That is a good sign and don't worry about bfn, 7 dpo is early yet!!


BrendaW - March 30

By the way- I was thinking of holding off on the endometrial biopsy and giving me and DB one more month of trying on our own before all the expensive stuff and medication i dont want to take........ What do you girls think?


Lin - March 30

Hey Brenda, I hear what you're saying with the split up. My ex-bf and I were together for 10 years, and I still think of his family as my own. We don't keep in touch so much any more (since we split up 6 years ago), but we do talk on the phone and exchange emails now and again. I've known his sister's kids their whole lives, so there's no way I couldn't keep in touch - man, they're in high school now! As for the endometrial biopsy, I have no idea. I don't know anything about it. What do they do? Is it just a laparoscopy? How long did you say you've been trying?


BrendaW - March 30

Me and my new bf have only been trying a couple of months officially, that is why i kinda want to give it one more month but then I dont want to wait and waste my time either..... Me and my ex it was years with every preg. being a m/c. The endometrial biopsy is a biopsy of the inside lining of the uterus- so you know which way they do that ucckk!


Amber #2 - March 30

Hi Brenda! Yeah, I do like my mother in law but we are not as close as we used to be. She betrayed me back in October of 2004 by having DH's ex wife come move in with she and my father in law. Nobody called me and asked me how I felt or anything, in fact I didn't even know about it until she had already moved in. She was only supposed to stay for a few weeks but it ended up turning into nearly a year. I haven't quite forgiven her for that yet. The whole situation is just very Jerry Springer like and I'm tired of dealing with it. My father in law is a manic depressed alcoholic and my mother in law is obsessed with my 9 year old stepson. Seriously, you would think that she squeezed him out of her twat, and Robby's ex. Sorry for being so graphic but it all just gets really old. No one told me who screwed up they all were, and i had no idea b/c my husband is so very freaking normal! Oh well, I just try to keep myself away from all of that mess. Things have gotten better between she and I, but they will never be like they once were.


Amber #2 - March 30

Oh, and no she's not moving in with us. At least I hope not. My father in law takes pain pills for his back (he has surgery a few years ago) and was mixing them with alcohol so she left the house and now she wants to come stay with us for the weekend. Hopefully, it will only be the weekend. You know what's funny is that these people seemed so very normal when I met them. They seemed a lot like my family but they have SOOO many skeletons in their closet (which I know that everyone does), but I get so tired of all of the drama.


Amber #2 - March 30

Yeah, I would give it a few more months Brenda before getting all of that expensive stuff done. How many pregnancies have you had?


jessieb - March 30

amber, that is so funny! well, the inlaws keep it interesting at least, right? i had a weird moment with my mother in law this week as well. i called her after my first doctor appt, to tell her about it. and to thank her for the flowers she sent. they were so nice!! well, she kept asking me when the ultrasound would be. hinting around and i was not taking the bait. she brought it up again and said, "well, i have to come to it"i stuttered and she continued, "we just found out carl has skin cancer." I was so sad for her and him. I said, "uh ok." i know she is so upset about her husband and is taking the baby time to relieve the sadness she is experiencing about her husband. BUT, I really think it should just be my dh and i for the first ultrasound. obviously, it is going to be a d____o cam one and i really don't feel like sharing that moment with my mother in law, ya know? i felt kinda manipulated about it. how she posed it to me, saying she had to come because her husband has cancer.... what could i say? well, i sent her an email last night saying that dh and i talked about it and we want it to just be the two of us. i told her that it was going to be an internal ultrasound, she might not have known that, and i would rather not have an audience for it. AND, obviously, this is a moment reserved for husband and wife, not mother in law too. i also told her, there will be not much to see. a pea sized white spot in a bigger black circle. not really worth the three hour drive(6 hours round trip). anyway, she has not responded yet. I hope she doesn't get upset with me, i doubt she will. it was so weird because she is SO not like that. this was the first time that she kinda over-stepped her bounds. i hope this is not the pattern now that i am prego.


mamacita - March 30

Jessie hate to just jump in like this but, My mother-in-law and I use to get along soooooooooooo well!! Then I had her first grandson..........The woman has lost her mind!!!! I just do not understan how she has made a complete 360 on me. She is so demanding and manipulitive not to mention the fact she uses guilt to get my dh to do things for her, not just him everyone really. Sorry for venting it is just nice to be able to tell someone who doen't know her!!!!!!!


Amber #2 - March 30

Well, I'm proud of you Jessie, because she will be a lot less likely to overstep her boundaries if you put her in her place before she has the chance to do anything else. As long as you let her know when you don't want her interferring, everything will be okay. As for my mother in law, I never have the option of telling her to but-out because I never know she's even in my business until she's already made a big mess of something! I mean get this, okay, she has Brooke (Robby's ex), who by the way looks like a freakin' supermodel so I cry everytime I see her b/c I don't know why he's with me, move into her house. Doesn't pick up the phone and say "look amber, brooke is moving in and let me tell you why" or "amber i know this is going to be upsetting but I have a really good reason for doing this". Nope, NADA!!! And still to this day she has never apologized for the chaos she has caused in our lives or given me some type of explanation as to why the b___h moved in there in the first place! DH and I nearly divorced over the situation b/c I could not handle her living there and could not handle him not standing up to his parents! I turned it around on him and said, "how would you feel if my parents let Taylor (garrett's biological daddy) come move in with them?" I would have told my parents that I was going to have nothing to do with them until Taylor was long gone out of the house b/c they were disrespecting me and my family! I mean, come on people, GET A GRIP!!! Brooke takes advantage of everyone and they are still bending over backwords for her. Of course, MIL pretends that she hates her and has talked nothing but trash about her since for the last 4 years since Robby and I have been together. But then she has the b___h (excuse my french) come move in with her! AND NO ONE CARES HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT???? I know I sound selfish but give me a freakin' break people. She's not part of the family anymore, no matter how much you want her to be!! So I would go over to my inlaws house and have to sit there with his ex wife (whom might I mention I had NEVER EVEN MET until she moved in with them) because before that she lived in Georgia. I saw her one time when we went to go get Hunter and we waved but I was in the car, so technically we had never even spoken to each other before she moved in with them. And then when she finally decides it's time to move out (after she lived there for 10 months rent free, they paid all of her car notes, day care, food, bought her new tires, etc.....) they decide they are going to take her to court for custody of Hunter while we are in Florida. Of course, it would not be the in- laws getting custody of him, it would be us, THEREFORE IT SHOULD BE US GOING TO LAWYERS TO HANDLE THIS, RIGHT??? Oh no, they didn't even call and ask if we wanted to spend $20,000.00 to get custody of him, they just went ahead and went to the lawyers office and gave her a retainer fee and the drama only got worse from there! OMG, you have no idea, this c___p is never ending! I love my husband more than anything in the world, but I really do wish that we lived far far away from his family. They are all a bunch of crazy lunatics, and I've had my gut full!!!


Amber #2 - March 30



Amber #2 - March 30

Oh and to top it off, since they decided they were going to take her to court w/o bothering to ask us, Brooke decided she was going to get more child support out of it like any normal person would! The thing is, she would have never taken us to court for more C.S. money b/c she doesn't have the money to do it, but we just made it so much easier for her since she was going to have to go to court anyways. So yipee for us, we get to pay $300 more dollars a month in child support. LOVE YOU MIL!!! Thanks for everything you do for our family!



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