BFP On First Try Open To Questions

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Alyssa - September 1

I found out that I am pregnant a couple of hours ago. I am 20 (21 on Sept. 15) and married for over a year. This was our first month trying and I'm pregnant! Very exciting. If any of you have questions I would love to answer them to the best of my experiences seeing that this is my first :)


Jeana - September 1

How long did you wait to test? What were your symptoms? When was your af due? Tons of questions here...


Alyssa - September 1

I tested three days before my missed period and it was BFN. Then I tested one day after my missed period and it was a VERY VERY faint positive. And today would be my third day of my missed period and it tested a solid possitive (used e.p.t) I had no nausea at all! Thank God. I have had backaches (minor) and pain underneath my b___st in the rib area. NO SORE BREASTS either! I've had minor cramping that sometimes I thought was my period on the way. I've also had the feeling like I'm coming up on a cold - stuffy nose and a tickle in my throat that makes me cough. And of course missed period. My AF was due on Aug. 30th.


Alyssa P.S - September 1

Also some heartburn which I never have usually.


molly - September 1

Did you use ept when you tested 3 days before af? I tested 4 days before and got a BFN. I am due for AF on the 3rd and I pray she doesn't come.


staci - September 1

congratulations alyssa! got a question, sorry if it's a little to personal...did you notice how your discharge was after the big O day up until your missed period and now? did you chart cp(cervical position)? if so how did it change not change etc......AF is scheduled to hopefully not be here tomorrow......the reason i asked about the discharge is because i've been very wet(TMI) since O day, and had a little bit of EWCM today, just wondering if that is a good sign? also have no AF signs, just ovulation type twinges and my lower back gets a bit achy here and there..took a dollar tree brand test today and it had a crease/shadow of a line, almost light gray, some of the other girls on another forum used the same tests and they turned out like that a few days before they got a BFP...hoping hoping that's how mine will turn out! any opinions?


Alyssa - September 1

Molly - I used First Response for the third day before my AF and also for the one after my first day of my missed AF. But then I used ept today and it showed up nice and clear. First response does not seem to work for me very well. Good luck!


Alyssa - September 2

staci- It's so hard because everyone is different! For me personally I've always had somewhat heavy discharge. But I did notice I'm having A LOT more and it's more watery. It became more watery through sometime after I O'd and before then it was pretty thick and lotiony. So being a little more "wet" is always a good sign! Some of your symptoms you explained to me seem promising! It's just so hard because everyone women is different. But I got an achy back almost a couple days after I O'd. Hope it helps!


bec - September 2

congrats! i see that you wrote you had pain underneath your b___st in the rib area. at how many dpo did this occur, and could you sleep with it, (did it hurt more when laying on one side/or another). The reason i asked is because i never heard this was a sign and i am having the exact same thing! It hurts more at night when i am laying on my right side, i just thought i somehow pulled a muscle. Thanks!


Alyssa - September 2

bec - I had pain underneath my b___st in the rib area about a week after i ovulated. I can feel it every once in a while when I'm really tired or in a certain position. I guess I really haven't noticed if it hurts when I'm on one side or the other. I haven't really paid attention I'm sorry!


linda - September 2

hi, did you have implantation bleeding? if so what day of your cycle did it occur?


r - September 2

i am 5dpo and getting sensitive nipples achy b___bs and pain underneath 1 and im so so tired.


Amy - September 2

Alyssa the same thing happend to me with first responce i think they are junk but any ways CONGRATS i'm 15wks 6d



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