BFP S But Feel Af On The Way

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lillio - February 26

So I have gotten 3 bfps so far. YAY! Today Af is suppose to be due, hopefully not due. Anyway I woke up and had that feeling down there, where you know she is on her way! I'm so nervous! Anyone feel the same way??? I'm going crazy, I just want the day to go by with no signs of af!


angie m - February 26

I have never answered any ? on here before but you seem really worried so I thought I would try to help. Anyway with all 3 of my pregnancies the day af was due I had cramping just like it was going to start but it never did. The next day I would take a test and sure enough I would get a BFP. I hope that helped at least a little.


angie m - February 26

Almost forgot, CONGRATULATIONS on your BFP!


sarahd - February 26

I got period-like cramping around the time af was due as well with my bfp. Congrats!


danimarie - February 26

Cramping and feeling wet down there seem to be pretty common feelings in early pregnancy....Congrats! Hope everything goes well for you!!


jendean00 - February 26

I cramped like that the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy.


MammaJL - February 27



DownbutnotOUT - February 27

Congrads! I got my faint bfp at 9 dpo and a BFP at 11 dpo, that's when I started getting af cramps I was so scared that af was comming, I swore the bit** was. Well she never showed up and I had cramping through most of my 1st tri and part of my 2nd tri and the baby is healthy and wiggly. Take care :)


kerilynh - February 27

when I was preggo with my twins, I thought AF was going to come almost everyday in the first trimester. I kept running to the bathroom to check, but nothing but alot of discharge. It seems to be normal.


VenusdiMilo - February 27



lillio - February 28

today would be 13dpo and I've spotting twice, kinda dark red and A LOT of clear discharge. Anyone spot that late?? I've never spotting before and usually af comes immediatly with hardly any warning. I'm so nervous!


LW - February 28

I didn't spot in the beginning but had TONS of clear CM. I was constantly rushing to the washroom thinking that AF had come! She never did and dd is now 9 months! I'll cross my fingers for you! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!!!



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