BFP S For June

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ashleyd - June 26

Hey!! congrats to everyone who got a BFP...I thought maybe it would be nice if we all kinda posted new symptoms as our pregnancy's progressed and kept everyone up to date on what's happening :)


Jenny - June 27

Hi Ashelyd! I got my bfp last week, my dur date is March 4th. How about you?


ashleyd - June 27

February 26th... :) and congrats!! :) how are you feeling right now? I'm still dealing w/ nausea and some mild cramps, sore bbs...but thats about it


Jenny - June 27

I don't have much yet, about the same as you. Is this your first pregnancy. This is my second, I have a 3 year old son.


Seredetia - June 27

Hi ladies! I'm due Feb.16. My bbs have increased a bit more than a cup size and they're VERY sore. I can feel a bump where the "peanut" is, but it's probably because my uterus is tilted forward. Still, it's very special!! I've had some terrible af-type cramping off and on. No bleeding or spotting (THANK GOD), but it always worries me. Also, I cannot get the big "O"...or else I get the worst cramps ever. :( I can't wait to have s_x again. lol. Hope it stops...oh, and I have weird food cravings and have to eat a pickle before AND after everything I eat. lol. Strange...and gross. ;)


shalyn - June 27

Hello everybody! I got my bfp yesterday, and this will be my first baby. After I O'd I noticed alot of cm which isn't normal for me so I knew something was up. The other symptoms didn't really start to kick in until sunday but now I have sore bbs, gas, mild heartburn, off and on cramping, I'm running to the bathroom alot more, and I'm having trouble sleeping. All of that and I'm still excited for whats to come!


kvilendrer - June 27

Congratulations shalyn!!! Good luck on the pregnancy! Being pregnant is so awesome!!!


ashleyd - June 27

grats shalyn! This will be my far as the "O" it doesnt make me cramp, but relieves them...mine usually are a little worse at night...and I can #2 for the life of's really starting to kill


huddie - June 27

any of you girls not get a bfp until really late?


Seredetia - June 27

huddie: I tested 2 weeks after af before getting my BFP. Although, I hadn't tested before this because this was the month I'd pa__sed off as "stress". heh. BOY was I wrong...


Dee - June 28

Hi all! I am due 18th Feb. Currently 6 weeks 3 days pregnant. I tested at 12 dpo on a whim even though I didnt believe or think I could be pregnant. It was our first month of TTC. It came back with a faint positive. I tested the next day with a darker positive. Then 2 days later tested again with a VERY dark positive. I had not experienced any symptoms before that. My b___sts and nipples hurt but they always do before AF. I went to the doc at 15dpo. They did two tests that came back negative! I couldnt believe it. She sent me to get blood work fearing that her tests may be defective. Bloodwork came back at 16dpo with a positive and HCG level of 235. Most definetly defective tests!! My nipples have continued to become more painful and veins across my b___sts have become very prominent.I had a increase in CM which has slowed down considerably the last few days. I feel bloated, moody (or as dh says "irrational") and tired. No morning sickness so far. I will be going for my first prenatal appointment at 8 weeks where I will get a u/s. I'm excited and anxious to see my baby's progress. I will keep this post updated with any new symptoms I experience. Hope some of this is at least insightful. *Baby dust to all*


DownbutnotOUT - June 28

Hey ladies I got my faint but BFP on June 20th, had reconfirming HPT with BFP just recently. According to online calulator I am due February 21, 2007..YIPEEEE! I am 6 weeks pregnant today but until I hear my wee ones heart beat or pa__s the 6 week 6 day mark my heart will be in my throat. gnight ladies and congrads!


Jenny - June 28

good morning everyone and congrats to everyone. I see that this will be the first pregnancy for a lot of you ladies, so , if you have questions through out I might can help! Seredetia my crampsf get pretty intense to. I run to the bathroom thinking please don't let there be blood. I think that it prob is in everyones minds right now.


eilis - June 28

hey there, i got my bfp june 15th and confirmed that i am due valentines day. i have all day heart burn and evening nausea. my bbs are not so much sore but i am very aware of them...does that sound weird? sleeping is a chore but then when i fall asleep i can't wake up! i have my first official full ob visit on july 10th....i am counting the days until i can hear a heartbeat!!!


ashleyd - June 28

my appt is July 5th. I'll be 6 weeks and about 3 days then. Yes, the cramping is terrifying...I talked to my mother about it and she says she never had that...but talking to a friend who had a baby recently...she said she had it up til about 12 weeks...and a few places online have mentioned it's ok as long as it's not sharp on one side, or accompanied by blood.


Rhonda - June 28

Hi everybody,i got my bfp on 6-19-06.I still have to have it confirmed though.I am 5wks now(i think)congrats to everyone of you who also got a bfp.


ashleyd - June 28

Rhonda, same mine on the 22nd, waiting to go to the doc...but I'm certain everything will turn out alright :) good luck hun !!



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