BFP S June

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ashleyd - June 8

Hey ladies, everyone who got their BFP this month, go ahead and post here so it's easier to keep track of... and CONGRATS to all the mommies to be (an mommies to be ...again)


dedaa - June 8

Hello got my BFPm this morning. Should be fun to see how many of us there is,


KimS - June 9

Hey I got my BFP on June 2... I have my first doctor's appointment on the 21st, as of right now my due date is calculating to be Feb 13..


littlerose80 - June 9

Hey, i got my BFP on June 3rd - I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and due at the beginning of February.


shannon5980 - June 9

hello i got my BFP on june 2nd. My due date is Feb. 14. I have a doctors appointment on June 16th.


laurac - June 9

Hello I got my bfp june 8th, my due date is also Feb. 14. Congratulations to all!


jue - June 10

hi I got my BFP 12th may, I am now 7 weeks & 1 day and my edd is 26th jan 07. boy am I waiting for morning sickness to go along with the achey b___bs, but I DO want my s_x drive back. lol congrates to all


looby - June 10

Hi, got mine on June 7th. Did another test this morning to be sure and got another positive. My due date is Feb 14 too.


Suzy0117 - June 10

I got my BFP on June 8, and my due date (from what I've calculated) is probably around February 18. I will see my doctor on June 15th, and I cannot wait to have them confirm it...despite obsessively testing just so I can be sure that the tests are still positive!


dedaa - June 10

Suzy0117 I laughed when I read your post you are describing me I have been doing the same thing. It `s like I feel like I imagined the whole thing or I was dreaming or something. It is so weird how it works b4 I tested I was I just know I am pregnant and then after I tested it was like I don`t believe it. As far as my edd it is Feb 18th as well from what I have found online anyways but I got to see the doctor on Monday so it will be alot more acurate. I hope that all of us mothers2be can stick together till the end to be able to have someone to chat with that is going through the same thing as you the whole way should be alot of fun. Hope are list of BFP`s will get longer.


Suzy0117 - June 10

dedaa, sounds like we have a lot in common already! I am in disbelief, too, albeit very happy disbelief! I agree that it would be fun to all keep updating each other as we progress.


dedaa - June 10

it is strange how our bodies work though isn`t it. I came across another thread where the ladies where all ttc and they still keep in touch after already ahving there babies. Sounds like fun.


Suzy0117 - June 10

It does sound like fun, especially considering that I a) don't know many other pregnant women, and b) feel it is too early to tell my family and friends. It's nice being able to discuss it here.


VenusdiMilo - June 10

Congrats to all you ladies!!! I'm pretty sure I've wished you all that already but I'm so happy for you guys. I’m here hoping that I will be posting my good news very soon. Have a healthy, happy pregnancyl!!!


dedaa - June 10

well I think we will be having a couple more mommies to be coming over to join us!


Danielle26 - June 10

I got my BFP today! I'm 12 dpo and couldn't be happier! I just wish my husband would get here so I can tell him!


dedaa - June 11

Danielle26 did you tell your husband yet?



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