BFP Then BFN Sooo Confused

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Ron - April 30

I had a spotting episode from april 22-24--off and on. So I decided to test a couple of days after it finally stopped. I kept getting very very faint lines on Thursday and Friday. I did not test on Saturday. On Sunday afternoon I tested again, and got a faint, but clear, line within the time limit. I tested again Monday with FMU and got nothing but a bfn---I am not looking toooo hard. What gives? I have been using the midstream tests from My bfp on Sunday was so clear that you can see it from arms length without having to strain to see it. I don't get it. Has this happened to anyone else: BFP then a BFN? Please share.


snugglybugglys - April 30

That happened to me before. It was a chemical pregnancy. (miscarriage before heart beat is able to be detected). I would try another test to see...cause I do know that the same exact the same pack can have different sensetivity levels.


hthab - May 1

I'm going through a similar situation. I tested on Fri, and had a faint line. On Sat, I had a less faint line, but still faint. Yesterday, it was back to the way it looked on Friday. I'm going to test again in the morning, but I'm afraid it was an early miscarriage (aka chemical pregnancy). We'll see! Good luck to you. I know it's frustrating! I've read that 30-40% of pregnancies end in early miscarriage, but now that pregnancy tests can show positive so early, more people go through this. I'm just trying not to get my hopes up. I actually made a bet with my husband that I'm not pregnant. If I am, I have to do the laundry for 3 weeks, if not, he has to do it. No lose situation for me!


staci - May 1

also could be that the test you took today could have been a bum test...those tests are cheapies so I wouldn't doubt that you got one that doesn't work..try a dollar tree test(dollar general also has $1 tests)...they seem to work well and you won't have to spend alot of money...hopefully your results are positive!


Ron - May 2

I had just taken another test this morning with fmu, and the same thing---bfn. I just don't get it. That test I took on Sunday was the only test that had a clear---faint, but clear---bfp. It showed up within the limit, but why is it the only one that had a line. All the other tests don't even have an evaporation line. Any thoughts on this? Does anyone out there have anything to add about these tests???? HELP!!! Also, I have been having some symptoms. That's why I really don't understand what is going on with the tests.


Amber #2 - May 2

Hey Ron! I know this is very difficult for you right now and what I'm fixing to say is probably not going to make it any easier. Sometimes when a woman gets a BFP and then it turns to BFN, it can be the result of a chemical pregnancy. A chemcial pregnancy is one that miscarries before implantation occurs. You know how they say that most women in the world will have a miscarriage and not even realize they were pregnant? Well, a chemical pregnancy is usually what they refer to. Sometimes the miscarriage will happen right around the time AF is due, and a woman will just think that she is having a really heavy period. That is why these early pregnancy tests can be both good and bad. They detect the pregnancy hormone so early that you take the risk of knowing that you were pregnant, when it could possibly end in a chemical pregnancy. I really hope for you that it is not the case! Good luck and keep us posted!


tucker12 - May 2

Hey Ron, this just happened to me on Easter. I finally got a BFP with a digital test. About 5 days later I just had a weird feeling that I wasn't pregnant anymore, so i went to the store and bought a test. It came back negative and two days later I started bleeding. I am so sorry if this is what is happening to you. Once we see that BFP all of the hopes and dreams begin, and even if it only last a few days it still is heartbreaking. Just remember that this is very common and in no way does it mean that is will effect your chances if you have to try again. My thought are with you.



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