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Zoiesmom - May 15

Hi, I am new to this board and thought I would post my symptoms to help anyone else who is trying to figure out if they are pregnant. My af was due tomorrow, decided to test today and got a bfp!! My symptoms are fatigue, thirsty (!!!!), sniffles and stretchy, pulling sensations in my lower abdomen. Oh, and hearty appet_te in the middle of the day, but not in the evening. This is my second and with my first I felt more fatigue and more stretching sensations. Good luck to everyone!!


Zoiesmom - May 15

A couple more things I forgot...raised bbt and dry, dry cm!


Jen - May 15

Thanks for your input. Basically what I have learned is that everyone is different. I am waiting to find out if I am preggo, but I am very very dry today, but my nipples are sore and my lower back hurts. Everyone else said they were extra wet when they got preggo, but it is good to hear another side. Thanks and congrats....


Haven - May 15

I posted above about possible miscarriage. Then I read yours and it made me think of something else. I had a wet very wet discharge for a month and a half but now I am dry again. Well I still have some white stuff if I do a finger check but it is dryish. I will copy and paste this to my other question but just curious? Can you be wet and dry, wet and dry when pregnant? TY


Zoiesmom - May 15

Not sure, with my first, I was wet pretty much all the time. Now, I'm completely dry.


Ella - May 15

Zoiesmom, just wonder if you got any implantation bleeding at all this time?


kate - May 16

thanks for your input----i also read that pregnant woman are always wet----but it is nice to hear a flip side...congrats to all who are expecting and good luck to those who want to be expecting !!!!


Zoiesmom - May 16

To Ella: Didn't have implantation bleeding with either pregnancy, but I understand that probably most women do.


renae - May 16

Zoiesmom...hello, i have been having the stretchy sensations too. It also kinda feels like a quick, sharp pain at the same time. I am now 10 days late for af but tested negative twice last week on a hpt. I'm thinking I should try testing again today since it's been 4 days since the last test. Or maybe I should just go straight to dr. The only other symptoms i've had are fatigue, hunger, thirst; no sore b___sts but i do have implants so i'm not sure how that would/would not affect soreness. Hopefully they won't tell me to wait another week.


Zoiesmom - May 17

I have implants too and they always feel a little sore, so they really don't feel any different. But, I am having ma__sive headaches!!


renae - May 17

ok, so i tested again today, 10 days since af should have been here and neg on the hpt once again. I am starting to wonder what's going on. I feel so bloated and tired, and sometimes feel like my period is going to start, but always nothing. I think it might be best to make a dr appt tomorrow to findout what is going on since hpt's have been neg. The only thing is is that i keep hearing so much about how even though the test claim to be 99.9% accurate so many women come up neg and it turns out that they are pg. So confusing!!


Danielle - May 17

The tests are only 99.9% accurate for postive results, if you get a negative result, you still could be pregnant. ..just to clear that up


Mrs. M - May 17

I just took an E.P.T. instead of a parrell line being in the result window I got a horizontal line! Is that a BFN or BFP? I did not use 1st morning urine, I did it during lunch after peeing like 5 times. AF should have been here 5/14


liz - May 18

how long should we hold the urine in for an accurate hpt test ????or atleast a bit more accurate....


I Love My Husband - May 18

Zoiesmom, are your headaches consistent? I've had them for the past week and I NEVER get them. They hurt.


Zoismom - May 18

To I love my husband: No my headaches are not consistent. I haven't had any for the past two days. Unfortunately, my headaches have been replaced by painful gas. I think I'd rather have the headaches


liz - May 18

to ZOIESMON--where you dry or wet before af ??? i am hoping to eventually get a bfp--but i ahve been dry lately then wettish but not that lotion thing that people are talking there hope for me even if i am dry ???



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