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jmbalma - June 26

I just got a very faint BFP this morning, but had suspected that I was pregnant for the last 10 days or so...This is my 3rd pregnancy, so I am very aware of the changes and that is why I noticed them almost immediately: Signs included: *Nasal congestion almost immediately, probably around 2-4 DPO, and continuing *Cramping-1-2 DPOs (or that may have been ovulation) and then again, the day my period was due-14 DPO (suspect that this was implantation; strange twinges in the area for past 10 days *Fatigue-about 3-4 DPO, intermittent; I was so exhausted one day by noon, I almost pulled over the car to take a nap! But other times just normal *Mild queasiness on empty stomach-12-14 days; this normally doesnt start for me until 6 weeks *Extreme moodiness-on and off for the last 2 weeks-I thought I was going crazy! *12-14 DPO-ewcm again, usually I am very dry at this time. Kept feeling like my period was coming NO B--t tenderness, enlarged veins, cravings, Today, I feel a very light "fluttering" in my uterus-I do not know how to describe this otherwise but I had it with my other 2 children I had taken several dollar tree store tests a week ago because I strongly suspected that I was pregnant but they were all BFN. Today, I used Walmart Equate (dollar store wasnt open yet:) and it is positive! Inside I knew I was pregnant but the early BFNs had me depressed...Just knew it today! Good luck to you all and dont get discouraged!


kimberly - June 26



Krissy68 - June 26

Jmbalma - Congratulation and I am so happy for you. I hope to join you real soon. I am in the 2ww but I don't think I timed my bding too good this time. I bd from cd 5-7 and 13&14. I started using the opk test strip on cd 10-11 it was negative on 12-13 positive and on 14 it was negative so I stop. Not sure if you use fertility friend but it said that I ovulated on cd 13 so I am now 3dpo and today is cd 16. I know last cycle my cover line was 98.10 and this cover line was 98.10. I am a__suming I will start AF between July 9-13. I guess the earliest I can test will be on July 9. I will keep you updated and again Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!! Krissy68



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