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angela1986 - January 13

Ok i can hardly believe it myself, but i peed on the stick and boom, there it was plain as day. OMG this is so much, yet so exciting at the same time, praise the lord lol, and thanks ladies for all your kind words and support. It means the world to me, no w im going to stop all this sappy stuff before i start crying again!


preggoplease - January 13

O=M=G!!!!! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! YAY!!!!! I am so happy for you....the suspence is FINALLY over. Girl you were killing some baby dust this way!


angela1986 - January 13

Oh i know it was killing me too, but the fear of a bfn kinda made it hard to test. Luckily enough, my best friend got a bfp today as well, and ill send tons of baby dust, and lets pray for this little bean considering it'll be my first.


Ella82 - January 13

Congrats i got my BFP today too! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!


preggoplease - January 13

Ok now you girls need to go and post your bfp's on jenns thread for Jan. BFP'S!


angela1986 - January 13

Congrats Ella, and wishing you a happy and healthy nine months!


carla123 - January 13

congratulations!!! send some baby dust me please!!! xxxx


angela1986 - January 13



Frances - January 13

Yay!! Congrats to you girl! Isn't it exciting?!?! So happy for you! Hope you have a happy and healthy nine months!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 13

congrats angela and welcome to the first trimester!!!


Megs - January 13

Oh my goodness girl!!! :-) That's AMAZING!! Just what I needed to see right now! :-) YEAH!!!!!!! Praying for a sticky bean! :-) Congrats girl! Happy and Healthy nine month wishes to you!


lissica - January 13

Angela....YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have been on this site a long time and i am so happy for you that you finally got that positive!!!


angela1986 - January 13

Yes it is so exciting and overwhelming at the same time, i feel like laughing and crying all at once. Thanks liss, i have been on here a while and it finally happened, too good to be true i swear. And thanks to everyone for the congrats and the prayers, its mean a ton.


Harriet - January 14

Congratulations Angela, cry all you like, it's your hormones! Best of luck. H


staci - January 14

Congrats Angela!


angela1986 - January 14

Thank you once again everyone, we just told the whole family, their all very excited as well.....


maratel - January 14




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