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CC25 - March 17

o.k. so I have read a few posts that say a litle about heavier women not showing positive due to the absorption of hcg or something like that. With my daughter I was slightly overweight and read a positive at 3 weeks , but now I am alot more over weight and I beleive a am actually pregnant but tests are reading negative, and I can not have a blood test because my insurance does not set in until end of April. So if anyone has any info. to shed on the subject that would be awesome I love to have new info.. Also if fat absorbs the hcg does that mean you will still have your full blow period (clots and all)????


Kay - March 17

Yes yes yes! Please someone answer.... I'm wondering too....


michelle - March 17



chriss - March 17

I'm sorry ladies, I don't have the answer to this.


janis - March 17

anyone know because i would also like to know?


janis - March 17



nicole - March 17

I even tried to goggle search and I still found nothing. It took me 8 weeks to get a positive. I think I may be pregnant now.


cc25 - March 17

the whole"period while your pregnant thing" is really very scary when you can't find out what is going on.


tara - March 17

i was overweight with my DS and tested ok about 4 to 5 weeks .


~m~ - March 17

Yea but it still took several weeks to get a positive, rather than several days.


Cheerful - March 17

Not to be cheeky but how big are we taking here? I'm 5'3" and about 178lbs (12.5st roughly) is that a 'big woman' or am i not too big? i'm a UK size 14-16. I'd love to know if my weight is affecting my results or if i'm just genuinely getting bfn's! thanks girls and baby dust to all xxxxxxx


Nicole - March 17

Im 5'2 and 160. I would say that it has anything to due with the extra weight. I really do hope Im pregnant this time.


Lulu - March 18

I believe it is different with every woman. My best friend weighs over 300lbs and tested positive 3 days after she was late for af. We believe she m/c due to her weight 6 weeks later but i just think its different for everyone. I am a big woman 5'2" and I weigh 217 and ttc..wish me luck.



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