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Skyla - March 18

How long did it take you guys to become regular after you have stopped BC? I have been taking them for about 10 years. The doctor said that my body should be able to conceive right away. (she means that I could but ti could take a while just like everyone else trying)


Laura - March 18

I went off the pill in early Feb ( I took them for 8 years) and I ovulated right on time, which surprised me, because I thought I may be the ones to have messed up cycles. My period came a day early too.Others take awhile to even ovulate again. If your period doesn't come for 6 mo. you are to see a doctor and they give you medication to stimulate your cycle. The one thing to be careful of is if you get pregnant right away, you may miscarry because your uterine lining isn't healthy enough for the embryo to survive. That's why some doctors tell you wait awhile. My cousin got pregnant right away and the baby is hanging in there. Another friend of mine miscarried at 6 weeks b/c she got pregnant right after coming off the pill. So it varies, depends on the person, and other factors I'm sure. Best of luck to you!


Skyla - March 18

Thank you. If anyone else has some input it would greatly appriciated. I did ovulate about 2 weeks after or I thought I did. but I am 4 days past AF.


Kristina - March 18

I stopped taking BC after 12 years this past December. I had my last pill period on Dec 23rd, then again on Jan 30, now again MArch 11. I have been having 39-40 day cycles.... I am hoping that this month, I will be back to normal. I know I am ovulating, because I have been using OPK's. I usually get my LH surge around day 27-28 and then my period starts 12-14 days later. Are you using OPK's?


bean - March 18

I also was on the pill for about 10 years and came off mid-Jan. I had my period right on time in Feb, and am now waiting for AF on the 22nd. At first I thought my body was still full of drugs and self-regulating on time. We'll see this month!


Erin - March 18

I came off BC in September and I was on it for about 8 years. I still don't think my cycle is regular again, but I'm ovulating.


J - March 19

Skyla, I was on bc for 15 years when and stopped in Oct04 to ttc. It took me until Jan05 for my cycle to regulate to a 32 day cycle. I was told from my doctor also I was at my most fertile as soon as I stop my bc but everyone else has told me it would take about 3 months for my body to get back to normal, and they were right. Good luck it does sound as though your ttc, I'll send lots of baby dust your way.


L - March 21

I came off the pill in early Jan 05. My first af was on day 49. I'm on day 21 of this cycle and hoping that my af will come a week froom today (actually, I'd prefer it not come at all but, if it has to, it would be nice to be regular) I also started charting my BBT this month to try to help and I'm using opks but am still not sure if I'm ovulating.


motherof20 - March 21

I went of the pill in October 04 when I got married. I was on the pill for 17 years. My periods came 11/26; 12/26; 1/30; 2/26 but no baby yet. Hoping this is the month. I'm giving it until 3/26 since that seems to be the date - if no AF I'll take a test. I have some signs of being pregnant but I'm not getting my hopes up. My sister in law was on the pill for years - came off 3 months before the wedding (wanted to get the drugs out of her system and then try on their honeymoon) needless to say - she was very fertile coming off the bc - I'm the proud auntie of a beautiful little girl. Everyone is different. Good Luck. Baby Dust to you.


jena - March 21

i have two friends who got preggo the first month off of the pill -so it totally depends on your body - i'm 6 months out and totally regular - so you should be able to conceive right away (but as you said, it could take a while like everyone else!) :) good luck!


Sarah - March 21

I got pregnant the first month after I got off the pill. My husband has only to look at me and I swear I 'm pregnant!



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