Birth Control On The Affects Of Pregnancy

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Elle - May 9

I have taken the pill for as long as I can remember, three weeks ago I ran out of my perscription. I havent been on birth control for the past three weeks, yet yesterday with out realizing that I was no longer on the pill, my partner finished inside of me. Now I'm worried that I am pregnant. I am due to get my periond in 2 and half weeks. Please does anyone know if there is a change I can't get pregnant because I only stopped taking the pill 3 weeks ago, and it might still be in my system. I know this sounds a little silly, but I need to know?????? thank you


ME - May 9

there is a chance you can get pregnant if you skip just one pill,


Marsha - May 9

Elle, not to scare you, but my brother in law sells birth control, and he told me that it doesn't matter how long you've taken it, bcp only stay in your system for 24 hours. That is why it is so important to not only take it every day, but at the same TIME everyday. I understand how scared you are..I KNOW all of this, and I'm almost in the same boat...I missed a pill and took one very late and I am having preg. signs.


Steff - May 9

It is possible to preg while on the pill and when you mess it up a bit (ME!) Doctor's often say that is takes a while for your fertility to return after taking BC since it has to get out of your system. personally i think it's BS since me and my Sis. got preg on the pill. I messed it up... she didn't, she's just one of those freaky ppl who get preg on the pill. I wpuld take precautions form now on. Even when you go back on the pill (provided you aren't preg) you should use a backup method to allow the pill to become fully effective. Good luck to you. keep us posted!


colleen - May 9

the pill does not stay in your system after you stop taking it. Think of it this way: you take 3 weeks of "active pills" and within a few days of starting the sugar pills you get your period. Why? because your hormone levels drop and your period starts. If you have not been taking the pill there's a pretty good chance that you ovulated this cycle and could have gotten pregnant. Ovulation usually occurs about the 14th day of the cycle give or take a few days in either direction, depending on if your cycle is shorter or longer. You can get pregnant the few days before you ovulate and up to one day after you ovulate. If you think you may be pregnant and don't want to be I suggest you go to planned parenthood to get the morning after pill. It prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus and starting a pregnancy. You can take it up to five days from the time you had unprotected s_x.


Elle - May 9

Thank you so much for the information..It freaked me out, but helped.. I don't have a clue want I'm going to do if I am pregnant. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married in about two years. I'm twenty four and am going to be finished my masters in fine art, in 6 months. I have however always wanted to be married, finsih school, have my job, and buy a house, then have a baby.. so now what to do is the question?????? Does it suck to be a woman...



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