Bizarre Cycle This Month What Do You Ladies Think

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OverIF - November 11

Hi, I just found this site looking for a place to ask a question. I hope someone will have some good advice or a similar experience to share... I had an ectopic pg that ruptured (causing me to lose a tube) several years ago followed by many surgeries to correct endo. I was finally able to get pg by IVF three years ago this month. Since AF returned following delivery, I've had slightly shorter periods but not less than 25 days. Enough of the history, here's what's going on right now... I started last AF on October 27th & it lasted about 6 days. On November 3rd, DH & I had s_x but not since then. Yesterday, I had brownish-red spotting most of the day but none today. Since I woke up this morning my bbs have been awfully sore with an occasional stabbing pain in my left nipple. I NEVER have mid-cycle bleeding. I never have br___t pain or tenderness with AF. What is the likelihood that I ovulated extremely early & could be pg? I know I'm grasping at straws since I would much rather not have to use ART to get pg again but I thought I'd ask. We haven't really been trying but have talked about giving it a sincere go before discussing IVF again. I also don't ever want to buy another hpt in my life if I don't have to (SUCH a waste of money!) but I'm also at a very high risk for another ectopic so I'm supposed to check out any hunch right away & get into my GYN's office for bloodwork. What do you all think about this? Just a lady in her 30's getting older & having weird cycles or a valid possibility of pgcy? Thanks so much! ~D.


OverIF - November 11

Um, no one? Gee, I appreciate all the help you were able to give me after some of the questions I saw people DID reply to today.


AShley - November 11

Hi over IF, It's very possible that you o'd early and have the early signs of pregnancy-That would put you at about 6-8 dpo if you did o early. Lots of people feel symptoms that early. I would probably spend the cash and get the test though. I wouldn't take it until your period is late though. Even the early ones came out neg. for me until I was actually late- even though I was pregnant. Don't know if this helps at all but Good Luck!!


Olivene - November 12

I would say to go in for bloodwork just to be on the safe side. In your situation it sounds like you should follow up on anything that is unusual for you. I hope it is a well-placed surprise pregnancy for you (It sounds like that's what you would like best!)



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