Black Women Amp Visible Breast Changes

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Pepper - August 15

I just want to know if the bumps on my br___ts and darkening of the areolas are the same as any other black women on this site. Due to our pigmentation, I am thinking it could be a little different/less obvious to see some of these physical changes. The edges of the areola seem to be darkening at the rim so to speak and the nipple itself is darker with the pigment branching out. There are about 8 smaller bumps/pimples on each br___t as well. Is this the same you are experiencing? Thx -


Coco - August 15

I honestly didn't notice any change in areola color. I do believe they got bigger though.


Paula - August 15

Hi Pepper, I do notice that my areola is darker and more bumps and more accessory nipples coming out. I am fair skin, but they are definitely darker and larger. Hope that this helps.


tab - August 15

Hi ladies, I am bright skinned, mine r pink looking and definitely larger. Today would make me 9 dpo, my b___st a beginning to get sensitive and feel heavy. I am trying not to jump to conclusions tho. When r u guys due for af? I am due on the 21 or 23.


Paula - August 15

Hi Tab, I am due for af between 21-23. I temp on FF (Fertility Friend). It has informed that I have implantations signs on CD24, which was 7 dpo, my temps has reached triphasic which is a high probability of pregnancy. I am now 11dpo so I will keep you all posted.


tab - August 16

Ok paula, I don't know have to navigate to well in fertlity friends, I only started this month charting only ov is there a place I can enter all my past info from my monthly cycle, so it will be able to give me info?


Pepper - August 16

Thanks ladies. I am starting to notice veins in my b___sts as well. I have medium toned skin, so the veins appear blue green. My b___sts seem to get thicker each day.


Pepper - August 16

I did a blood test this morning...I will let you know whether it was positive. My doctor is pretty much sure about me being pregnant, but you have to do the blood test. I am nervous even though it's pretty much a certainty. I'll let you know!


Paula - August 16

Yes, Tab you are able to enter past info by just selecting the date and enter data. I am on just my 2nd month of charting on FF and I enter my temps for May when I joined and only cycle days for my other periods. I hope that this help. Here's the link to my chart if you want to look at it. Sending baby dust to everyone!!


Paula - August 16

Pepper, how many dpo are you or what cycle day are you on. I took a HPT on yesterday and got a very,very, very faint +. Tried to retake the 2nd test this morning and the invalid results came up, no lines in the control or test window. So off to the pharmacy when I leave work. I will keep you all posted.


kEEKEE - August 16

Lets see, During pregnancy my areolas are very dark. I'm a carmel colored woman. So to answer your question. Yes, I have seen a change with my b___sts when I'm pregnant. I saw white hairs around my b___sts. White bumps on my nipples. My b___sts get very smooth and shinny. Oh, I almost forgot. My b___sts smelled sweet and got larger. Bras didn't fit anymore. Good luck and Baby Dust!!!!


tab - August 16

Thanks Paula, I will take a look at it now


Pepper - August 17

Paula, I think I'm 29 dpo. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor today. (In a couple hours!!) I did two tests, one a couple days before my period was due and one a couple days after - both said negative. My b___sts are also shiny/smooth and dark and the nipples stand to attention (LOL!) for anything. I'll keep you all updated.


Lovellyb - May 21

Pepper did you get an uodate?? Sorry I'm late but I have the same symptoms...



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