Bladdar Infection Or Pg Please Reply

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AH - November 19

Ok, in the last two days or so, i have had pressue on my bladdar. last night i went to the bathroom before i went to bed and 20 minutes after I felt the urge to pee again but i only pee'd a very tiny bit. I feel pressure almot continually. I am still quite a few days away from getting my period. (I am only on day 19 of my cycle and last month my cycle was about 26 days long) It doesn't hurt when I urinate, so could it be a bladdar infection, or possibly an early sign of pregnancy? I have had one child already so I dont know how second pregnancies are compared to the first, please help.


NT - November 19

I would think that if it were a bladder infection or UTI there would be pain along with the frequent urination. I would wait until your period is due and take a hpt, unless urination does become painful than I would go to the doctor. Good Luck. Do you have any other symptoms?


AH - November 19

well my b___sts are a little sore, and I have been slightly cramping. But it seems so soon to tell. Wouldnt you agree?


NT - November 19

My symptoms came within a week after concieving so no I don't believe that is too early to tell. It took a while for the nausea to come but definately frequent urination, bad heartburn, constipation, tender b___sts came on very early. Wishing you the best. Keep me posted.


b - November 20

You have a bladder infection go get some [email protected]#$%ing bactrin and pee before s_x so this won't happen.


Steph - November 20

You could have a bladder infection -- i had one a while back and it didnt really hurt too much just after i would pee it felt like a wierd sensation after i pee'd. can't a UTI be a sign of preganancy or am I way off base there? Anyone know?


AH - November 22

EXCUSE ME "b" I have had a bladder infection before. This pressure comes and goes. Its not continually. And there is no blood in my urin, there is not horrible spasms in my bladder, and to top it off I am in my last year of nursing school, please give me some credit. I just was curious if it WAS possible to be having symptoms so soon??? So "b" get off the hate train and get off this site if you are going to be so d__n grumpy to every one who has an issue. what do you just post to p__s people off? well congrats it worked.



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