Blazin Nipples

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crystal - January 25

i have just recently noticed that for the past week no matter how warm i am my nipples are always hard and when i get in the shower and the water touches them if feels like they're on fire. is this a sign? af is due in 3 days.


Dawn - January 25

It is a sign!!! are you experiencing other signs?


desire - January 25

girl, im almost going thru the same thing, but my left b___st hurts and feels more heavy then my right. My man can't even play with them


B'Lana - January 25

If anybody care about my b___bs, they also behave funny... usually it took my husband few minutes to get my nipples to eract, but now they are either that way already or I take bra off and they are ready... for 2 weeks I wanted a constant attention to my b___bs (usually I could care less) and now.... I am protective of my body for some reason... Any ideas what that means? best to all!


crystal - January 25

i feel sick after i eat, i have had a sore throat that just started, my face is breaking out, i can see 3-4 very bright blue veins in my b___sts and my nipples are kinda red but in the center its very white. i have never noticed that before, and i have 2 small brown spots about this size (O) on my left b___st. but i also keep leaking a very wet liquid from the v____a.


Brooke - January 25

Same boat here. AF due in 7 days. Extreme b___st and nipple tenderness..even when I am just sitting around. They feel very tight. Also, I am starving all day long and very tired. I am 10 dpo. Very slight blood in mucus today. Possible implantation bleeding? Anyone else starving this early on???


crystal - January 26

well, i guess the dissappointment starts, no preg. i started 3 days early. it was different this time, usually i spot the first day or so but not today it was just like a big spot of blood and my stomach is feeling sick, and i feel like there is a bad stinging on my right side. how long does implantation bleeding last?



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