Bleeding Period Or What

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What!!!!!!!! - October 21

Hi please let me know what you think. Last period was 09/21 took preg test on the 16th and the 18th of October. Very light positive. Today is the 21st, and I am having very light bleeding. Very light, but there. This would really be 3 days past my expected period. I am very regular and should have had it on the 18th and did not. What is going on any thoughts. Also took test this morning and very very faint post. later this morning is when I noticed very light bleeding. Does anyone know?????


lola - October 21

very light bleeding...... sounds like implamation bleeding I may be wrong though, whenever you get a fain poss you are most likely pregnant your body just has not developed enough hcg to be a bright line. any preg symptoms? good luck


What!!!!! - October 21

I do have all the symptoms of preg. I just read that implantation bleeding DOES NOT happen on the day of implantation. It may take 4-10 days to traval and may not show up until after you thought you were to have your period.


Viv - October 22

About 25% of pregnant women get some kind of bleeding at period time, especially during the first trimester. Implantation is thought to occur 7 - 10 days after conception, which would normally be in the week before a missed period. When implantation bleeding does occur, posts on this forum suggest it may occur any time in the weeks starting with implantation. It sounds as though your pregnancy is progressing within the wide bounds of what is "normal", with the encouraging note that you had an early rise in hCG.


Nick - October 23

When a women get's bleeding in the first trimester, what is it like.(Not implantation) Is it just like a period, very light, brown? I need very specific information from people that have had first trimester bleeding.


Ami - October 23

Both my sister and Aunt experienced menstruation during their pregnancies (just lighter than usual). Get a blood test to be sure.



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