Bleeding Again 15 Days After AF Started

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Kristina - March 28

I had my LMP on March 11, lasted 4 days. Then started bleeding again on March 25 and still bleeding - not enough for a pad, but definetly for a panty liner. Anyone know what this could be?


jena - March 28

sounds like implantation bleeding to me! perfect timing for it.


Kristina - March 28

Is implantation bleeding that heavy? Not that mine was heavy, but I thought implantation bleeding was "only when you wipe" or "mixed with cervical mucus" We BD'd on 3/17, 3/21 and 3/23 -(cycle days 7, 11 and 13) started bleeding on 3/25 (cycle day 15) - I thought that was early for IB???


b - March 28



tiffani - March 28

Kristina~ Your story sounds so familiar. I had a normal period on Jan 19th, then had light bleeding on Feb.8, 9, & 10th. I went to the doctor to get checked out because I had the same thing happen in December, so I wanted to make sure everything was okay. She examined me and said I was having my period. We went over my cycle history and she determined that I went from a 39 day cycle to a 21 day cycle. I'm not completely convinced, but a week after my appointment I got a BFP! I know it wasn't implantation bleeding, because i've had I/B and know what it looks like. So, I don't know if i've helped you or not, but atleast you know what the possibilities are. I have to wait until my first ultrasound on April 8th to find out exactly how far along I am, because with my erratic cycle, it's hard to say. My internal exam, according to my OBGYN puts me at atleast 10 weeks, so we'll see. Good luck to you. :o)


Kristina - March 28

Tiffani: Congrats on your pregnancy - you must be so happy!!!!! :) I am anxious to hear about your u/s sound keep me posted, please!!!! My last 2 cycles were both 39-40 days, so if this is IB for me - I am having a majorly short cycle. Do you think that is what I am having?


tiffani - March 28

It's hard to say if it's I/B. When I had it (implantation bleeding), it was brownish in color, and I thought I was starting my period. It was there when I wiped and a small amount on my underwear. It lasted for about a day and a half and went from brown and somewhat thick to just pink when I wiped. My bleeding between my regular periods were just as you described yours to be. It was confirmed to be a period by an internal exam done by my doctor. I don't think pregnancy had anything to do with my bleeding between periods. I sure hope you can follow in my footsteps and get a BFP soon! :o) Did I even answer your question? Sorry if I didn't. :o)


Kristina - March 28

You did! :) Thanks! I just know this can't be my period - it is nothing like my normal period at all. In fact, it seems to have basically stopped now. I am really hoping it is IB. With my dates in the earlier post, do you think it is possible?


tiffani - March 28

I/B usually happens 7-10 days after conception, so if figures into your timetable, then it could be. One way to tell the difference between a period and I/B is the color. Period blood is usually red, I/B is usually brown or pink, but rarely red. I'm about to get off the computer for the day, but i'll be back tomorrow if you have any other questions. Have a great day! :o)


Christen - March 28

I'm having the same problem! My last period was 2/16 so I'm 13 days late now but felt like I ovulated around the 19th or so of March (which would have been 3 weeks off?). TOday I have the brownish discharge (almost like snot - sorry to be gross) only when I wipe. THinking maybe this could be my period but it sure is different if it is. WHat do you guys think?


Kristina - March 28

Christen: Did you recently go off BC?


cindy - March 28

My cycle has been spotting for about 3 weeks started after I had intercourse. Today it seems to be like a normal period. I hope this is a normal period, I really would not like to be pregnant at this time.


sht - March 28

same thing for me because i started on march 9th and started bleeding around 14 days later.....


Kerry - March 29

The same happened to me I had af on 19th February and started bleeding again on the 5th March and I was due for af again on 20th March and it still hasnt come. I might take a test in yhe morning.


KC - March 29

I am in the same situation. I got my period on Feb 16th which lasted 5 days and then spotted again for a couple days on March 4th. If I go by my Feb period I was due again on March 15th. I might take a test tomorrow.


Christen - March 29

To answer kristina - I went off birth control back in September, so this would have been my sixth month off of it - what do you think?


Kristina - March 29

Christen - I was wondering when you went off - because i know BC can mess you up for a few months - not being able to tell how long your cycle is supposed to be, you know? How long have your cycles been since coming off BC?



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