Bleeding Amp Pregnant

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Pooh wanna be a mama - December 1

Ok.this is my question let me start hear my last period was in the begining of Aug. and i missed sep,oct, and beginining of nov i started to get this brown discharge on thur nov 23 it was brown and from then till sat it was pink and know it is red but definitly not aloy and this is not a normal period the blood mostly comes out when i pee i have no pain at all and i still feel flutters exspecialy at night, as of now the blood is red and barely coming out i am wearing pantyliners and they never get soaked at all the only time i see blood really is when i wipe! and this all started with brown spotting on thurs and now this. Does anyone hear think i may be pregnant? I hate taking test im scared it might say NO -. Also i have not passed anything but this icky blood! I suppose you can call it spotting all i really know is that this is nothing like my normal period.......the blood that is coming out is like mucousey (no clots) and stringy and thick it is like the discharge that i was having before all this blood just mucousy blood! i hope you all can understand any thoughts advice ect would greatly be appreciated! Always Pooh :(


Pooh - December 1

And i pee sosossosoos MUCH i hate the bathroom! MAN.......I am Syco I want a baby so badly!


zuly - December 1

You could be .Take a test , if you are pregnant it should come out on the test.if it comes back neg go to the D.R. as soon as you can. take care and good luck


jazzy - December 1

Well, we are kind of in the same boat. I didn't get my period in August, i got it in Sept. I didn't get it in October, and it came on Nov. 21. I'm still bleeding but mostly when i wipe too. but what's really strange its really coming more out the back than the front. I took a test in September and it said no but i don't know what's going on. Maybe we can figure it out together.


eve - December 2

yr not phsyco yr just like me!! I have period at start of nov it came with no period pains and started off brown I have bloated so much got bad head feelin dizzy even have bleedin gums i swear im preg but tests keep sayin im not gotta wait till the 4th when my period should be due!! Good luck 2 u all


pooh - December 2

has this situation happened to anyone and they ended up being pregnant?


Christine - December 2

Is it possible that it is impl.bleeding? It kind of sounds that way..the blood while urinating might not be your period at all but a sign of a uti or something..have you been to the doc to get checked out...many woman experience impl. bleeding and it can last for a while...good luck


pooh - December 14

Still bleedind still is there a possibilty of me being a mama? I thought Not! :(


bump - December 16



Cayce H. Cronk - December 16

That's so weird, I pretty much had the same thing. Weird darkish discharge, kind of moucousy days before my period started. It started a day later than usual and then stopped after only two days during menstruation! Could this be a pregnancy thing! Maybe so, We all need to get checked out by a doc!


JAY - nurse - December 16

Could be a tubualar pregnancy - definitly you need to check that out. It can be life threatening to you -


bump - January 4



Sandra - January 10

If you are peeing alot and blood is there when you are pa__sing urine, do you think it is possible that you might have a bladder infection?


ang - January 10

i take a health cla__s at my school, that white mucusy discharge, honestly could mean you are having a mischarriage, NO JOKE, and because it is pink means that too.



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