Bleeding And Cyst While Pregnanct

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Kerri - December 21

Can someone please help! I went to the ER Sunday night with severe back pain. I had an ultrasound done along with blood work and found out I have a 3 in. cyst on my left ovary. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant as well. This morning I woke up with alot of spotting in my undies but took a pregnancy test adn still positive. Im scared to death Im going to have another miscarriage. Has anyone ever had a cyst while pregnant and can it affect the baby??? Is this bleeding normal???


jeanette - December 21

Hi this the same Kerri from our thread? I had a cyst in early pregnancy with my dd, and after my hcg levels went up later on, it dissolved I don't think you should worry too much. I also had a little spotting, but not much. Don't stress yourself out, stress is not good for you or your little bean.....Just keep in contact with your doc, relax, and I will say a prayer for you. God bless darlin...


Kerri - December 21

Yes this is Kerri from LAMBS thread. I havent been on here much bc Im working so much through the holidays. Im just a little scared bc I dont know what to expect and bc of my previous m/c. There was a heartbeat on the u/s so Im holding on to that. Thanks for the prayers! I really need them!


Emily - December 21

ohh, kerri, I will be praying for you too. Have you spoke to the doc about the spotting? A pregnancy test will show possitive for a while after a birth or miscarriage. THe heartbeat ont eh u/s is a good thing though. Keep us informed and I will be praying for you...


Kerri - December 21

Still spotting a little. I just told my mom and dad today so Im hoping this is just a normal part of being pregnant~!!! Im still very scared though. I wish they would have told me if the heartbeat was strong or not. All the Dr said was "The good news is your pregnancy is fine. Bad news- cyst." So, Im holding on to that info and staying positive. Plus, maybe its possible the spotting is from the v____al ultrasound and/or s_x. Im just praying for the best


Emily - December 22

Kerri, a lto of woman spott durring pregnancy. I wasn't one of them, my spotting was bad, but a lot of womand do and have perfectly normal, helathy pregnancies. Good luck to you and keep us informed. AT least you heard the heartbeat. I would call the doctor and ask how strong the heartbeat was and mentiont he spotting. It should at least put your mind at ease. Good luck



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