Bleeding Before AF Due Implantation

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Jen - November 17

Hi is my question.I had bleeding 4days before AF was due.The 1st day was very very light brown,2nd day heavier but not like my period and 3rd day pretty much nothing.Been ttc for over 6months.Did opk when supposed to and got a +.Had s_x on appropriate ovulation days.Is this implantation?


Christina - November 17

I dont know but I had the exact same thing happent to me. I spotted (pinkish) on the 8th a little heavier on the 9th nothing on the 10th and spotted only when i wiped onthe 11th. Never filled a tampon up (maybe halfway) color of blood was not the dark clotty mess it usual is. I have been having headaches since then. Before (during) that time i was naucious and smells got to me. But now Im better????


jk - November 17

Is it possible to feel symptoms one day and not feel anything the next?


bump - November 19



Terri - November 19

sounds like everything that's going on with me my AF was weird this month & very short.


Jen - November 19

Hi there,I just did a test in the am and got neg..Today was supposed to be 2nd day of missed "real af" so 15dpo.I don't know what the deal is? Still hoping my hcg levels are low? No symptoms anymore though.Anyone going crazy like me?My test is one of those early internet ones (20hcg detection)..Guess wasn't my month..


jk - November 19

Hi Jen. I'm still waiting for my reason to test. Don't really feel any symptoms but I am only, I believe, 4 dpo. Been ttc for 3 months and still no luck. Good Luck!


Jen - November 19

jk,how long have you been ttc?


Another Jen - November 20

Jen, did af show up after all?


Deb - November 20

I think you just had an irregular period. You should get a positive by 15dpo, I would think.


Jen - November 20

Hey there.No, af never showed on the supposed date (18th).I think it must have been it just 4days early...I still don't get it though there's no reason for my period to be messed up?But I have no signs anymore just more taste and smell but is it all in my head?


Jen - November 20

Sorry guys, forgot to say that I had did the ovulation strips this month and got a positive on the right day of my normal 30day cycle..Wouldn't that have been screwed up if af came early???


Deb - November 20

Not necessarily. Another reason that your period was strange this month is that your progesterone could be low. If it happens again next month, you might want to see your doctor about getting your progesterone level checked.



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