Bleeding During Sex

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karen - May 23

Of all the posts I have read, none of them mention bleeding during s_x. Has this happened to anyone else? My last af started 4/27, and dh & I had lots of s_x between 5/8 and 5/13. But on 5/13, I bled right after (not a whole lot) and then had light brown spotting for the next few days. AF is due any time now and I've had 2 BFNs. Just wondering if I should read into the blood after s_x? I never spot, but I am amazed by how many women on this board have all kinds of symptoms and end up not pregnant. Keep at it!


E - May 24

After we had s_x i had a pink spot but it was very light and only a tiny spot. I think if you are pregnant your cervix becomes sensitive and you might bleed i'm not sure though


Casandra Mercer - May 24

i am 16 and this happens to me alot i dont have an answer but i want to know to (i thought that there might be something wrong with me) i still have to find out if i am pregnant or not a way i am hoping i am but also i am hoping i am not.......write more about it i can make sure there is nothing wrong with me lol


DN - May 24

I had asked this in a previous post and I was told that maybe the cervix was low and the p___s might have hit it. It has happened to me last month and this month but I am not Pg hoping I was but not...I hope this helped out a bit...


to karen - May 24

I have had bleeding after intercourse, it turned out that I had a huge cyst on my cervix, but it took them a few months to figure that out. Good Luck.


Cat - May 24

This can happen if you've had a yeast infection or other infection that has caused your cervix to be sensitive. It could also happen if you don't have enough lubrication during s_x.


karen - May 24

To "to karen," did you have any other symptoms when you had the cyst on your cervix? This is the first time I have bled during s_x and there was no pain. I haven't had any other symptoms or pain since then, except light brown spotting in the next days after it. I thought maybe it was the start of implantation bleeding, but now I'm worried!


.. - May 24

bleeding after s_x isnt normal. you should go get checked


to karen - May 25

No, I had no other symptoms, no pain, just blood. It was a bit scary, because first doctor thought it was "normal" hormonal fluctuations. Next doctor did a small procedure to remove it. Luckily, it was nothing dangerous, but had gotten rather large over the months. The blood was bright red, and then brown later. Only after intercourse, and again, no pain. You might want to go to your doctor if the bleeding keeps up. Good luck!!


Jessica - May 25

I spotted after s_x for about 6 months when my husband and I started s_xual relations. After that my body became adjusted (I never learned the reason for this did go to the DR and they said something about his p___s bumping my cervix causeing the spotting) I also spotted one time last month and since I am pregnant that worried me. The reason I got from the dr. this time was the same as the suggestion of the other dr.


Sonia - June 13

I went in for my yearly and found out I had a cyst on my cervix. The doctor asked if I bled during or after s_x and I told her no. She said that it might bleed during or after s_x and not to worry because its NORMAL. She said that I could have it removed if it should ever become bothersome during s_x. So yeah thats what I was told.


Kory - June 13

I sometimes spot after bd if its the time of my cycle when my cervix is lower. My dr told me it's normal and probably because my bf is larger than I am used to or that we get a little to rough and he gets full penetration (tmi, sorry). Like he justs bumps my cervix and causes irritation. Hope this helps.


To Karen - June 25

I am 31 weeks pregnant and the other night during s_x I noticed blood everywhere. It wasn't a few spots, it was a lot. The next day I spotted all day, and then called the doctor. They said, I probably broke a blood vessel and it was normal. So, I wouldn't worry unless the bleeding continues while you're not having s_x.



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