BLEEDING Granpa Viv Could This Be A M C

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jue - June 6

I made love the night before last and when I went to the loo last night I found light pink blood when I wiped but no pain, today when i got up I found small amount of blood on the pad and it is there when I wipe, it is dark red but no clots and no pain at all. this is my 4th pg i m/c dec at 12 weeks and have 2 sons 13 and 16 yrs, when I m/c last year I had pain in my lower stomache and cramps but no cramps this time. could I be m/c again? or could this be normal? please any sugestions would help thanks. I am 6/7 weeks pg


Grandpa Viv - June 6

I think your experience with the previous mis is still valid. No pain, no cramps, no mis. Some bleeding during the first trimester is not at all unusual. If you are concerned, call the doc. She might suggest putting your feet up for a day if the bleeding becomes significant. Good luck!


Rainbow - June 6

Hi there. I know that no pain, no cramps does not necessarily equal no m/carriage! It could be spotting and harmless, but it could be a threatened abortion. Abortion is also the term used, if the body naturally 'aborts' the pregnancy. Please see your doctor right away. Feet up doesn't help in a case like this, but seeing the doc and getting an u/sound will tell you what really is going on. Please go as soon as possible, I wish you so the best!!!! Keep us informed.


jue - June 6

called my dr and I was told to put my feet up and try and relax (fat chance of that lol) they said it could be a fragile pregnancy? what is this, as I have never heard of it before.


Rainbow - June 6

Uhmm, it's common advice, but in actual fact studies show it doesn't really make any difference at this stage. (Other than making the mother feel, she is doing something, when really there is not much you can do.) Of course, personally I would do just that because I wouldn't feel like running around with that going on. When it happened to me, I went to the hospital and made them give me an u/sound, I really wanted to know whether my baby was still alive and not be told, to just relax. Like you said, fat chance of relaxing. Since you had a m/carriage last year, can you not insist on u/sound? Ultrasounds can tell you so much more. Also, what you don't want to see, is bright red blood. I feel for you, it's horrible not knowing what is going on. 'Fragile pregnancy' by the a bit generic. They probably mean it is fragile, in the sense of not stable and could m/carry. Yes, well that is why they should scan you! :-)


jue - June 6

thanks rainbow, I will get back to my dr and ask for a u/s, it is the not knowing that is worring us. I will let you know what happens either way. thanks.


Maggie - June 6

Jue, a co-worker of mine had a "fragile pregnancy". What made it fragile was that her cervix slowly began to dilate whe she was 2 months. She had a procedure done which I forget the name of but basically they prevented her cervix from opening by sewing it shut. She had it removed at 38 weeks and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She did cut her work hours back to one day a week, and she was told to abstain from s_x. I hope this helps and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Paula - June 6

Hi Jue sorry to hear, but I am wishing you lots of luck. I agree with Maggie, oh hi Maggie. The procedure is called a cerclage in which they st_tch the cervix closed, many go on to have success pregnancy. Take it easy. I know they probably want to do a vag u/s, but ask if you could fill your bladder and and do the u/s on your belly. Try not to disturb the womb as least as possible. Good luck, I am praying for you.


lesley - June 6

i had s_x with my fiancee on may 21,22,23,24 and a couple of days after that i felt really funny... had headaches,sore b___st, felt sick then on june 1 i started to spot a little and later on that evening i bleed alot(sorry) i bleed for 4 days but my af was not due until the 4th of june..... i still have symptoms, im still sleepy, have really bad headaches, hungry, b___hy, but i think i had a m/c could i still be pregnant... i am spotting now, oh yea we did it again on the 1st.....what do you think... it would be to early to test... how long should i wait


Rainbow - June 7

Jue, any news yet?? Did you get to see a doctor? How are you feeling? Hoping you will be feeling better soon.


Paula - June 7

Hi Jue, I am wondering how you are feeling. Hoping all is well. LOL * Lots of Luck!


jue - June 7

Hi girls, thanks for all your support. I had a bad night and only got 4 hours sleep due to worrying (so much for docs advice about not lol) still bleeding but only a bit is getting on the pad, when I wipe it seems like a lot, it is dark/bright red (sorry for the graphic detail) but nothing in it just blood, not like a period or a m/c, i have no pain or cramps just the bleeding, I had a call today from my midwife about my antihistamine that i was taking (I asked for a repeat) it turns out that neoclarytin is not safe to take when pg, i have just finished a 28 day course today. I have to wait to see my dr until thursday, I am hoping that I stop bleeding before then. This is scaring me as I am dreading going for a wee (thats good eh I am 34 and frightened of the tiolet lol). I am glad you lot are here to listen to me as I can't talk to my hubby as he is just as worried as I am, but probably more so as I at least still feel pg and still getting the symptoms weepy( I cried watching "one foot in the grave" it normally makes me lmao), funny taste in my mouth, headaches, tiredness and queezy. I just want to know what is going on.


enail - June 7

jue, thanks for checking in, I have been wondering how you are. So sorry for all this worry. And sorry that you can't see the doctor before Thursday. Do you know what they plan to do? Blood tests and u/s? I know this is very scary for you. From what I understand, it is good that you don't have cramps. I know someone who had bright red bleeding around 7 weeks, and all turned out to be fine. Thinking of you!


Rainbow - June 7

Hey Jue. Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm really sorry you are going through all these worries. I hate the 'dreading-going-to-the-toilet' phase, I know it's tough. Once we do get pregnant, why can't it just be 'plain sailing'..from there? Talk to us anytime you need somebody. We are there for you.


Aimee - June 7

I kind of have the same question. I've been trying to figure out if I am pregnant but I had s_x the other night and it hurt. When I went to the restroom there was a long piece of tissue. I'm continuing to bleed very lightly and it is bright red...but I'm wondering if this could be miscarriage or just maybe something tore


jue - June 8

Thanks to everyone who replyed to my question, i have just finished reading your replys and I burst into tears (that seems to be the norm for me at the moment). the bleeding seems to have eased up alot to the point I only notice it every other trip to the loo and only when I wipe, hopefully things are okay. I can still feel my uterus with my fingers, it is just a bit bigger than a tennis ball, (my hubby felt it as well) boy did I get turned on, these hormones are not helping me stay calm when all I want to do is jump his bones lol, this pg is definately sending me to the nut house lol. i have no idea what the doc is going to do when I see him, I wish I did. I am so glad I found this site, everyone has been really great. I will keep you all up to date with what is happenong as I know that it can help others in the same boat as me find out what is going on. :)


jue - June 8

Hi girls I have an update for you:) earlier this evening I went to the loo and the bleeding has gone from red to brown to nothing, I think that it has stopped, I feel ok no pain or cramps at all (want to get laid but hubby said NO, these pg hormones are driving me mad lol), all my pg symptoms are still with me and some have gotten worse like the headaches, tiredness and my sense of smell. I measured my bust and found it has gone up by 2 inches (when I m/c in dec it went down before the bleeding had stopped) so I am taking this as a good sign that the baby is ok. my mom told me that when she was pg with my brother, she had the same thing then went to the dr and was told they baby was fine, it later turned out she was having twins and lost one, (nice how she only told me now after 30yrs lol) I was also told that twins run in both my moms and dads family plus my hubbys family as well, (talk about worrying about finding out how many I could be carrying ;) ) I feel great though apart from the worry about the baby, I now wish my s_x drive would go back where it came from at least for the next 6/7 weeks lol. I will keep you girls informed about what happens at the docs tomorrow. :)



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