Blood Clot The Size Of The Baby Happen To Anyone

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Mrs O - March 15

My niece has had a good bit of bleeding so she went to the dr. He did an us and she has a blood clot the size of the baby. He didnt tell her what the chances are of miscarrying, he did say they both couldn't exist. The dr. had never seen this. Has this happened to anyone? She is like 6 wks 3 days.


Misty - March 15

I'm not sure what you meant by they both couldn't exist, but I would say it sounds like your niece had a m/c. I had one in Jan. and when I miscarried naturally that was what happened, I pa__sed a clot the size of the sack my baby was in. I'm sorry for what your niece is going through. It is pretty normal though when having a m/c to pa__s a clot like that.


Misty - March 15

Oh yes, and if the doctor has never seen anything like it then I'm not sure just how good of a doctor he is. I've read about it happening to a lot of women on this forum.


Audrey - March 15

If your niece has a blood clot that large then there might be a tear in the placenta which can be a serious complication. If I were her I'd get a second opinion quickly.


Lindsey To Mrs. O - March 15

I think what mrs O is trying to say is that there is a baby AND a blood clot the size of a baby in the womb. Am I right Mrs. O? In that case, I'm sure there aren't very many doctor's that come across something like that. She is in my prayers. I think that's what Mrs. O was saying. I didn't understand about "both existing". That's how I came to this suggestion.


To Lindsey - March 15

Yes that is exactly what I was trying to say. They both exist now, but they can't both exist forever. So either the blood clot will pa__s by the grace of GOD or it will continue to grow and cause a miscarriage. Thanks for everything. Please if anyone has had anything similiar please respond.


Lindsey To Mrs O - March 15

I don't know where you are from, but in the US they have high risk ob/gyn's. I would definitely tell your niece to look for a doctor that specializes in high risk pregnancies. Be sure she tells them to get her in asap. Please let me know how she is doing. I had a m/c in October of 2004. It had genetic abnormalities. But, Like I said, have her try to find a high risk doc, or request a 2nd opinion quickly.


Claire - April 13

I had a 1 inch blood clot (roughly the size of the baby) on my 8 week scan after having bleeding on and off since week 6. I was told I would either get more bleeding, the baby would absorb/eat the clot or it would get larger and I would miscarry. On my 9 week scan the clot had grown to 2 inches and was clinging to one side and all the underneath of the baby and it didn't look good at all. In desperation we had s_x (gently and not for long) to try and get rid of the clot and 1 hour later I had heavy brown bleeding (sorry too much info and this is very risky but we felt it was certain the baby would die if we didn't do anything). I have just been for an emergency 10 week scan and the baby is still fine - the clot has regrown to 2 inches but is now away from the baby. My pregnancy was an IVF-ICSI pregnancy as my husband is infertile and apparently with IVF pregnancy bleeding and blood clots are not uncommon but with a normal pregnancy they are rare. My pregnancy is still high risk and will reamin so until the clot reduces a lot or goes but apparently the bleeding should resolve itself within 2 weeks or so if the baby survives that long. Anyone with a blood clot and red bleeding should go to A&E. Brown bleeding is generally OK (though occa__sionally can indicate your baby died inside you 2 weeks or so ago. I hope your niece is OK). I have never been told the what the chances of miscarrying are despite asking. I know if you have seen the baby with a strong heartbeat they are much lower than otherwise but a large blood clot can still kill a baby by its weight - I think it depends on the size of the clot, how close it is to the baby (above the baby is the worst, below is much better), and if it keeps growing.



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