Blood Spotting Throwing Up Pregnant PLZ HELP

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younggirlxx - November 19

So, i'm seventeen. My boyfriend and i have s_x... frequent enough to make us nervous.. i am on birth control and have been for a year so we never use condoms. i got my period two days late.. or i thought it was and i had like two drops all day, weird for me. Second day it seemed to be normal, a very very light day. and by that night it was gone. now i have none again. i also get random throw up sensations where i just feel like im gunna hurl out of the blue. My br___ts were sensitive mid month(never happened to me). could it just be hormones? what does this mean? I'm not trying to get pregnant and im too afraid to ask my mom. Mom's to be- PLEASE HELP ME. ps. it may be helpful to include that i have not been taking my pills consistently, but have also not taken a test. THANKS.


younggirlxx - November 19

please.. somebody i don't know what im going to do . =(


eclipse - November 20

well as one who has gotten pregnant on birth control pills, and had a weird period like that before I found out, I think you need to take a test, pronto. You could always wait until the due time of your next period, or go to a clinic, but I think it is time to test. It could also be stress, but it would put your mind at ease to know one way or the other. Good luck to you!


younggirlxx - November 20

thanks so much =)


Krissy68 - November 20

younggirlxx - I agree I would buy a hpt and test you can get them at the dollar store. When are you suppose to start your period? You could also go to the free clinic and they will do the test for free, now if you are pg what are you going to do? Take care and everything will be okay. On a side note my oldest daughter got pg at 17 she is now 20 and she is pg again. Krissy68


younggirlxx - November 22

how is she doing ? was it hard for her? i was suppose to start it on the 21st and blood spotted on the 24th and 25th. nothing else really. i have yet to take a test , but am planning on taking one on monday.


genna5545 - November 25

hey i'm new to the boards and found your question...just wondered if you had done a test yet and if your feeling okay? :) genna xx



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