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? - November 3

If I had a negative blood test at 11 weeks, what are the chances it didn't pick up and I'm pregnant?


? - November 3



? - November 4



linzy - November 4

did it measure hcg in your blood?


? - November 4

It was a blood test for pregnancy.


linzy - November 5

duh it was a blood test for pregnancy, there are 2 types they could have given you maybe you should call them.


Anon - November 5

Maybe i am dumb, But How can you be 11 Weeks pregnant if the test showed you are in fact not pregnant? Blood tests from what i hear are really accurate.


c - November 5

not very likely


Viv - November 5

Very slim chance, no matter it was quant_tative or qualitative. Can you still zip up your jeans?


eyebeeablessing2u - November 5

There are 2 types of blood tets. one gives a yes or no.. the other actually measures what your level of HGC is... every women is different and it can take a while to rise.... ask them.. also what other syptoms have you had... a missed period or 2 ?


wiz - November 5

i have had 2 -ve test, urine, and i have been having some signs of pregnancy, like tiredness, very tender b___st, flutters on my lower abdomen, my period is usaully 3 days, heavy but this time it was for 5 days, with some clotts and was not flowing normally, i feel nausiated at time, and run a fever at times


? - November 7

Thanks for the replies. My Sept period was normal but I had two lighter ones in October (beginning and end) that were like 24 and 21 days apart. I had 4 negative at home urine tests. I have been tired alot and my stomach is kind of round. I can still wear my pants though. I also had sore b___sts for two weeks but I'm thinking that may have been because of the problems with my periods. (started two weeks before my last period and left with the period). I just don't know what is going on. Maybe stress? The blood test from the doctor came back negative and that was taken at 11/12 weeks.



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