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Ummmm!!! - June 6

I did a blood test May 26th and neg. I did another June 2 and neg my af is due june 13-16. could it have been too early to test? I have all the, lower back ache, cramping...etc


Rainbow - June 6

If your AF is due around the 13-16th, you would be ovulating right around now, and that would explain the cm, the back ache, the cramping....So, get going if you are hoping to get preggers. (Or leave well alone, if you don't want to...:-)


Ummm!! - June 6

I have been going through this for 18 days....could I be ovulating 4 3 weeks?


viv - June 6

How long is your cycle...28 days, 30 days etc.? If you are due for af the 13 to the 16, if you have a 28 day cycle you would ovulate around May 31 to June 2 or it would be way too early to do a blood test.


viv - June 6

did you miss last month's period?


Ummm!!! - June 6

Nope my period was on May 13th my cycle seems to be about 28 days I would have ov on 27th....but I have been going throught this since may 22 when I got preggers for my daughter 12 years ago I got pg 7 days before period...with my son I got pg 6 days after my period...go figure....btw my tubes were tied 3 and a half years ago


bump - June 6



viv - June 6

My last period was also on May 13, by my cm I ovulated around the 27 to the 30, I am on a 31 day cycle... I guess there is always a possibility that you could be pg, sometimes our bodies ovulate at really weird times, like right before or after a period...I would say wait until the 13, and if you haven't started, take an hpt or go get another blood test. You usually don't start showing symptoms til after the baby implants, and that is when it starts producing hcg also....I don't know how long your periods last, but if you've been feeling this way since the 22, I would say that is way too early for them to be pregnancy symptoms. The embryo takes about 7 to 10 days to implant, and that is when it starts producing hcg, which is what registers on a blood test. The timing just doesn't add up....and also if your tubes are tied that adds to the probability that you aren't pregnant. Sometimes hormones can just go wacky and cause us to feel weird for no reason. Good luck.



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