Blood Test Neg I Know I M Pregnant Please Help

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Stephani - April 5

I was pregnant about 7 mo ago and I miscarried at 3 mo along… I now have all the classic signs again (sore br___ts, nausea, light period 2 weeks ago…etc…) they have been going on for about a mo. I tested negative on the blood test last week my doctor said I may just be one of those who’s hormone levels are low…. My husband and I were not trying and I don’t have an overwhelming want to be pregnant (although if I am I will be happy) so I don’t think phantom pregnancy is possible. Has anyone experienced this before?


Michelle - April 5

Hello. Have you taken any home pregnancy tests? I still think I am pregnant too but my blood test was negative also. I am just going to stop worrying about it before everyone thinks I am crazy. When I have a child in the next year, then they will all feel bad for not believing me. Just kidding. I very well could just be insane. Who knows. My b___sts are veiny and bigger so until I find another reason as to why they would be this way other than pregnancy, I still am going with my instinct. Hope it works out the way you want it too. Good Luck. write me if you [email protected] -Michelle


Stephani - April 5

How far along would you think you are? I took at home tests also all are neg! I’m really confused!


cl22 - April 5

I share this wanting a baby feeling with you guys. I've been pregnant so many times in my own head. I am also convinced that i am Preggers. Period is 9 days late, i'm bloated, SUPER DUPER tender b___sts, itchy nipples, urinating frequently, and mild nausea. I always feel like i've started my period, and when i go to the restroom and check, it's only clear odorless discharge. If i am gonna start my period, i hope it's soon cause this is freaking me out. I took 3 pregnancy tests, 2 when i was 2 and 3 days late and 1 this morning and all three were negative. I'm wondering if it could be that the preggo tests were cheap ones. They were AAFES brand. (AAFES is the army, airforce exchange service). Supposably, everyone on this base (Germany) gets preggo after their husband returns from a deployment (Iraq) and mine just did. They say it's something in the water. =)


Michelle - April 6

Stefani-I would have conceived on March 12th or 13th so just about 3 weeks along. Good Luck to you. :)


Stephani - April 6

I’m worried about the dr. apt tomorrow I will be getting another blood test… anyone know what to do next it the blood test is not positive?


maybe baby? - April 6

Stephani if your blood test comes back negative again have you considered a quant_tive blood test? it can give you a number of pregnancy hormones anything 5 and above is pregnant. good luck!


Stephani - April 7

I just got back from the dr. they could not do a quant_tive blood test… they had to send it out so I will not know for a few days but she did send me to an obgyn so I still have no idea what is going on! Please let me know if you have experienced anything like this!


Stephani - April 22

I just wanted to let everyone know i got a BFP on Tusday Morning...... on my way to the DR now!!


wow - April 22

Stephani CONGRATULATIONS. How far along are you now that you got your positive? Please tell me. I am for sure I am pregnant except nothing will tell me I am. Thank you. Good Luck.


Jo - April 23

Steph, I'm having the same feelings... I know I'm pregnant. I've got a swollen belly. All the signs, yet dr's say nope no baby... Yet everyone else says just by the look of me they know I am. Give me a shout if you want to talk [email protected]


Amber - April 23

Yeah, My husband and I were trying to have a baby for 2 years....My first two tests were negitive, but I knew. And now I was 9 days late from my period, and then I had a lite one.....2 1/2 days....Could I be pregnant? Did that happen to you?I read something about that. please email [email protected]



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