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Jenny - May 30

If you don't know my story I have been ttc for a while now with no luck. I am going to have blood work done in June. They told me come in on cycle day 21 to check if I am o'ing, What I want to know is what are my levels suppose to be and what would be the next step if I am not o'ing.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 30

What they told me was they were looking for levels above a ten in progesterone level. If you are low then they will probably suggest clomis which I did cd's 5-9. And if you are doing IUI's then the trigger shot. That's what worked for me I found out today that I am 4 weeks pg!!


Jenny - May 30

Thank you and congrads! How long have you been ttc?


Lin - May 30

Jenny, have you temped yet? That should tell you if you're ovulating. I'm surprised you haven't tried that before going to a doctor. How long have you been ttc?


Jenny - May 30

Lin, I have temped before, sometimes ff says that I o and sometimes I have to override it. I had a iud taken out in July of last year so it has almost been a year with no luck. We did wait 2 months before we started trying. I have read on alot of other sites about how the iud can cause thin linings and scar tissue so I'm just a little worried.


Anna B. - May 31

Jenny - I have my progesterone checked each month b/c I'm taking Clomid. The first three months my progesterone was 17, 12, 11 so the doctor increased my dosage. Last month my progesterone level was 47.8 so the doctor really thought I was pregnant but I ended up not being pregnant so now I'm on my 5th round of Clomid and really hoping it works. I think if your progesterone is above 10 it means you are ovulating but just a warning not to get your hopes up if you get a high number b/c it does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. I made that mistake last month and then was really disappointed when I wasn't pregnant. Good luck with everything!


Jenny - May 31

Thanks Anna! Really good to know that when I have it done.



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