Blue Veins A Sign

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dust in the wind - May 13

My last af was on 5-2, now suddently I have all these blue veins on my chest, side of tummy, and legs.. also am getting an achy cramping in lower abdomen.. does anyone know if these are signs??


Audrey - May 13

Dust- If your last af began May 2 then you wouldn't be having symptoms now unless you already became pregnant last cycle. If you miss your next period use a home test. Good luck!


dust - May 13

well that wasnt my normal af (5-2) I had my last normal one on 4-14) the one I had on 5-2 was spotty for 4 days


Karen - May 13

I also have a lot more blue veins and had lower achy cramping most of last week (which has since subsided) nausea, but very tired and moody.


dust - May 13

to Karen: Have u tested yet.. if not.. when was af due??, i too have been tired and very moody.. only slight nausia tho.. very slight


Karen - May 13

I tested this morning but came out with BFN but I'm pretty sure it's too early since my AF isn't due until 5/16 or 5/17. I'm trying to hold off to do another one until Sunday 5/15.


dust - May 13

I am a__suming I need to go with 5-13 as my af day.. due to the fat my last NORMAL af was on 4-14.. when I had the early af on the 2nd of May it was very light.. and almost 2 weeks before this one was due.. so I am not sure If I should wait to test on the 2nd or go ahead and test this weekend..


karen - May 13

that maybe was implantation bleeding you had on 5-2...but since that was only 11 days ago I would wait until maybe this weekend to test to get a more accurate result...


dust - May 13

to karen: Does it sound like possible pregnancy to you?? oh yea.. I am just now starting to get sensitive bbs and burping, peeing alot too.. forgot to mention that.. thanks hon.. and gl to u as well.. you have been great...


Dust - May 13

no one else


maddie - May 13

I have also noticed veins across my chest, then from shoulders down arms into hands. I just went for a manicure and my tech said I look very veiny lol....Funny thing is I don't remember if they are new or always been there


b - May 13




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