Blue Veins On Breast

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confused - November 25

Am I pregnant? I had spotting about a week ago for 4 days. Very light, just showed up on toilet paper when wiped. Later I noticed blue veins on my br___t and upper chest. The veins have only gotten darker with time and more visible. Now I can see them under the nipple on both br___ts. I also had some cramping recently and my period is due in two days. I took an early pregnancy test but it was negative. What causes these blue veins? Could I be pregnant or what else could it be?? Please let me know. thanks.


Grandpa Viv - November 25

If an embryo is trying to implant, the body goes into blood vessel building mode. Not only may the veins on your b___sts become more visible, the v____al area may a__sume a purple hue (Chadwick's sign?). The nipples may darken. Some combination of fatigue, more peeing, unusual emotionality, gut upsets, v____al discharge, appet_te, smells, nausea, aches and runny nose may ensue. Try testing first pee Dec 10th if AF does not show. Good luck!


Vanessa - November 25

I am 10 DPO and last night I noticed more prominent blue veins on my breats as well. I showed my husband and asked if they were always like that or if I was "looking" for signs and he says he's never noticed the veins. I am dying to take a PT but know that I could get a false negative because it is so early. I had no symptoms this morning but had a bit of cramping this aft.


Christy - November 25

Hi Confused and Vanessa... I am in the same boat with you both.... I know it is too early to test and it is driving me nuts... I feel I am just looking for signs , but I have very dark blue veins and now they are visible under my nipple as well... My Breasts are very sore which sometimes happens before my period ... I should have ovulated around 11/16 so I am just waiting to see... Wed Night I was real nauseated and couldnt eat but it hasnt happened since . I have been cramping now for almost a week. Increased discharge as good luck to all TTC .... Hopefully you can come back on here and post good news... I have 4 children and this is the first time I have experienced these type symptoms after I ovulated.....Someone let me know if they have went through the same ....... Baby Dust to all!!!


Vanessa - November 25

I ovulated on the 15th. So waiting anxiously for Nov. 29 to BFP. God, I'm so nervous. I keep thinking, hey I think this is our month but then I convince myself that it's not. I MAY test this weekend with an EPT and see.... maybe not. Anyway, good luck to all!


Nikki - November 28

Guess everyone is got the same prob as us.I just noticed today my blue veins on my nipples and my arelo's<--the circle around my nipple is bigger,I am going insane to test, but I should wait til after my period is suppose to start.:((


Vanessa - November 28

Hi girls, so I test on Sat. (11 dpo) and got a negative. I was quite disapointed but my temps are still up today (13 dpo) so I"m trying not to lose all hope. My bb's still have that veiny look but I'm starting to wonder if they just always do when AF is approaching. Only time will tell!



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