Blue Veins On Nipples

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LilaLolly - August 4

Is this a sign of pregnancy. Never before have they ever been there and now I have these dark blue veins all over. Is this also a sign of AF? Man, I hope I'm not reading into this! Best wishes


Nik - August 4

Hi there, first of all i would like to say to ms know it all, you dont know it all. LilaLolly darkend and more prominent veins on your b___st can be a sign of pregnancy. This is due to extra blood flow as your body prepares to support that of a baby, this was the first sign of pregnancy that I noticed and now I'm 16 weeks! Good luck


Glister - August 4

To: Lilalolly - yes it can be a sign of pregnancy, have you tested yet? I also noticed that my aureolas are full of white pimps, and it looks to me that are a bit larger and more brownish. I also notices blues veins on my right aureola through nipples. I have negative HPTs, and negative ultrasound so far. However, I still feel bloated, warm, flu like, extremely tired and sleepy and I feel different. Oh and by the way I am 45 days past ovulation and 32 days past spotting maybe implantation??? I am very irregular though!


LilaLolly - August 4

Thank you ladies. It was weird because I've never noticed it before and when I changed last night my mouth dropped open at the change. Congrats Nik! Glister I haven't tested yet, I was going to wait until Sunday. I'm usually 27-30 day cycle so I want to wait till the 31st day before I try! Best wishes!


SAB - August 4

I tested BFP a week ago today and yes dark blue veins was one of the first things I noticed along with little white bumps on my nipples. I would wait until at least when you af is due then test. I tested about five days before the BFP and got a BFN. Good luck!


LilaLolly - August 4

SAB thanks for the advise. I am trying not to get my hopes up, you know? I keep playing the devil's adcovate (sp?) with my sysptoms. Geez, do they have to be so much like AF sysmptoms! :-) So I completely agree about waiting! I could have been due yesterday for af but I want to wait for the full 31 days since it has gone a little farther past occasionally. T


audrey - August 4

be careful love, could be dehydration!


Nik - August 5

Good luck for when you test LilaLolly, let us know x x x x


Precious - August 5

I'm wondering too - suspect pregnancy & one sign I've read is increased vascularity, but mine's by my stomach, hips & upper thighs. Definitely a sign, just not a tell all sign. p.s.- ms know it all should be quiet & leave her negativity for herself, also, should think of a new name because she obviously doesn't "know it all"


LilaLolly - August 5

I heard have the blue veins all over your tummy is a really sign. Best wishes! Nik I'll let you know this weekend. I am soo nervous!


LilaLolly - August 7

Now I am developing little white bumps on the nipples and the blue veins have remained. The past few days I have been chugging water do see if it was really dehydration but still blue veins. I was going to test today but decided to wait a little longer....I'M TOO NERVOUS! ;-)


amanda - August 7

ive been haveing veins, heavy, and all other signs pg. but im still getting my period. but belly getting bigger too help please



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