Body Changes And Pregnancy

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Wendy - November 16

Hi. I am wondering what body changes you have when you are pregnant. I am a chunky gal, size 16. I always had a belly but lately I feel like I am gaining weight. My lower belly is bigger and now above my belly button is larger too. I have not had a period for 2 months and had s_x with a condom last in Aug. Sometimes I feel like some pressure on lower back and I have lots of light cramping below my belly button. I have irregular periods, some 28 days and some 35 days apart. What is the sensation you feel in your belly? Sometimes it feels like a faint flutter below my belly button. Back in aug I did have bleeding 10 days after s_x that was very light for a period. I didn't keep track though. I had headaches, only 2 or 3 times I felt like i was going to throw up but never did, and have crampiness as if i am going to be getting my period but it never comes. Is that how it feels to be pregnant? And what is the difference between digital and strip tests? HELP!


Wendy Again - November 16

Oh, and the crampiness and back pressure are all the time, not just a week or so. I am kinda scared to take a test. Any advice is appreciated.


steeler fan - November 16

I would think your chances are pretty slim that you're pregnant if you had s_x with successful use of a condom (it didn't break or roll off). That being said, lack of a period is usually the first sign that you might be pregnant. Cramping is very common in the first trimester, since that is when you uterus begins stretching and growing. In all my readings (and believe me, i obsessed about every odd feeling I had when II was pregnant with my 2 kids) it said you don't feel the baby move until about 16 weeks. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. I found it to be right on for me. I would go take a pregnancy test right away so that you can get prenatal care immediately if indeed you are expecting. Good luck to you!



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