Body Says Yes But Tests Say No

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Jill - October 21

Is it truly possible to be pregnant but get negative test responses? I can't judge by my period as it has always been irregular. I've been known to go several months w/o a period and w/o being pregnant. I've been pregnant before and recognize some of the signs I'm having now but I'm not sure if it's more just wishful thinking. My last period started on 7/11/04. I am experiencing fatique, constipation, nausea, indigestion, bloating and an on and off "weird" taste in my mouth. I've taken several pregnancy tests and all have come up negative. I'm tired of running to my doc for a blood test each time I think I might be pregnant so I'm hesitant to call him. My body seems to be telling me I am pregnant but I don't know what to believe. Any suggestions?


Daile - October 22

It sounds as if you have some pregnancy symptoms. Also, it is very possible to be pregnant after a negative test. Urine tests are only accurate under the right conditions, and then only if there is enough hcg in your urine. You would most likely need to take the test with first morning pee, as the hcg would be most concentrated. If you really feel pregnant, then go get a blood test. Make sure it is qualitative, and make sure the doc tells you the NUMBER, not just a yes or no. Then you can feel sure that it is right.


Viv - October 22

Actually, the blood test that gives the number is the quant_tative one. Your symptoms do sound pretty good. I especially like the weird taste. Dare I suggest checking your cervix to see if it is still soft? I believe that is what happens. There's also the slightly elevated BBT, if you know what it normally is. These aren't the usual checks, but I think they might help reinforce what you think you know already.


Daile - October 23

Thanks for correcting me, Viv. I meant to write quant_tative, but typing is not my strong point, especially at three in the morning;)



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