Boosting Fertility

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Lauren - February 10

Hi, my boyfriend and I have decided to start trying for baby this month, and I was wondering what things I could do to boost my fertility? Things like eating more fruit and veg, exercising, cutting out caffine etc just natural things like that. I do watch what I eat in terms of calories, but I don't eat nearly enough fruit and veggies, I don't exercise, I drink lots of tea and coffee, I've smoked for 5 years but I'm obviously quitting at the moment. Any advice and tips on boosting our chances would be very much appreciated x


johanna - February 10

hi lauren-- ! if you are going to try to get pregnant (and it can take a LONG while), make sure you get on prenatal vitamins which have folic acid in them. your local drugstore will have a good selection. and yes, exercise, eat well (leafy greens!), and get a lot of rest.


Lauren - February 10

Yes because that would prove my ability to be a mother beyond all reasonable doubt wouldn't it? of course, how silly I am! Actually my best friend is married, with 2 kids, and by this time next month her divorce will be complete. Another friend of mine is also only co-habitating, they have one child, have been together for longer, and are happier than ever. Proof that you don't need a piece of paper to have a stable relationship OR to be a great mum/dad. If my boyfriend and I choose to have a baby before marriage, that's our decision, it doesn't mean we'll be c___ppy parents! Nor does it mean we aren't in love with one another. I came here asking for advice, which is what I believe this forum is for, correct? Not to have my personal life slated! Does anyone actually have any helpful suggestions?


Lauren - February 10

Hi Johanna, thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to follow your advice x


ta - February 10

they say that taking an 81mg baby aspirin, prenatals, and robitussin cough syrup with guaifenesin as the only active ingredient can help with fertility, you see the aspirn helps with bleeding for implantation, the robitussin helps to thin out your secretions for easier pa__sage of sperm and the prenatals gets your body ready. i would recommend that you really make sure that you and your boyfriend are in it for the long haul before having a baby, could put alot of stress on you to raise a kid alone, and its no fun. also reduce stress hope this helps


Lauren - February 10

Thanks for your reply Ta, that was really helpful! I had no idea those things could be used to increase your fertility. I'll most definitely be trying those. As for my boyfriend and I, we've been together for 8 years, longer than some married couples we know! There's nothing to say we wouldn't split up in the future, anything could happen, but I don't believe a marriage is a guarantee that we wouldn't split up either. I honestly don't think we will though and we've discussed having a baby for almost 2 years. Our hearts are very much in it x


hmmm - February 10

Lauren, thats great youve been living together for 8 years- that really proves youll be in it for the long run.. marriage would be more for the child as well- you know- some dignity and respect from others.. its tuff being a child out of wedlock.. but I guess its pretty common- so what the hell- what morals are left these days? None I guess. And by the way, marriage is not just something on paper, its when you make sacred promises in front of God. People divorce all the time- and people break up all the time- If your friend was "not married" she would still be going through hard times- at least with divorce she can get alimony! ha! and it will be easier to get that child support! But Im not judging you, I just saw your question and I just wonder why... sorry Im so crabby. I really wish you well. Maybe after 8 years he will finally ask you. In 10 yrs it will be a common law marriage..depending on where you live. good luck.


Lauren - February 11

Thanks hmmm. If either of us thought for one second that we wouldn't be together for a long time to come, we wouldn't even consider starting a family. I understand completely where you're coming from on the issue of marriage, and I wasn't for one second disputing that it wouldn't perhaps be better for the child, it's just the way your post came across, as though you felt that was something which determined your parental skills. That I do dispute. To be honest, in an ideal world, we would be married by now. It's something we talked about a while ago but since his job required him to work abroad for up to 6 months of the year, we didn't feel it was best for us. He's since found another job though, which means he won't be going away, hence our starting a family and hopefully a wedding will be just around the corner too! I apologize for the "piece of paper" remark, it wasn't my intention for it to come across in that manner, it was merely in defence of my belief that a marriage doesn't reflect how good of a parent you'll be. You don't need to apologize for being crabby though, it was your opinion and I fully respect that. All that's left to do now is keep my fingers crossed for a baby AND an engagement ring! All the best to you too x



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