Brain Farts

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MandyD - February 16

Does anyone know if having serious brain farts, or just being sort of "dingy" is a symptom?? I swear I have been so clumsy and dingy lately...and I'm not usually like that at all! It's like my brain isn't functioning fully or something...crazy!


nicole - February 16

With my first I was clumbsy all the time, and I could not remember anything. It has been happining to me at work lately, hope its a good sign, cause im suppose to be 6 weeks preggo.


stacey - February 16

I know that both of them are of my friends recently had a baby and said the same thing. Plus, I was just on another site and a doctor talked about it too. I hope it's a good sign b/c I have been VERY dingy lately!


pete - February 16

my wife has been extra clumsy, I make sure that nothing is laying around they cause Im afraid she may trip!


gg - February 17

I was wondering the same thing...I have been very 'dingy' at work lately. Hopefully I have a good excuse for it - being PREGNANT. Good luck to all


La Rae - February 17

Yep, it's definitely a 'sign'. I just mentioned on another post two days ago, that I was having serious 'Brain Farts' and feeling and acting REAL 'Dingy' lately. I have said and done some stupid stuff within the last few days. I was out with my neice the other night and she got to witness 2 stupid things that I said, and 3 stupid things that I did. She looks at me after all this and says: 'Yep, you're definitely pregnant.' She says she remembers vividly when she was pg with her daughter how stupid she felt and acted and how clumsy she was. She said that was one of the first signs for her. Hopefully we are all pg, and not just gettin' 'Stupid' all of a sudden. I read on a web site somewhere that a woman's brain actually 'Shrinks' a little bit when she is pregnant. I can't remember WHY, but I do remember thinking that would explain the clumsiness and the brain farts that most if not all pg women experience. Good Luck to all....


E - February 17

Wait until you are in the third trimester and you do not remember where you parked your car so you call it in as stolen. Of course, mall security finds your car on level C, instead of level D. EMBARRASSING!!


La Rae - February 17

LMAO! Ha,ha,ha! Thanks for the laugh, E - I really needed that! I remember those days all too well! Isn't this FUN?


E - February 17

Thanks La Rae:) It was so humiliating. People see your belly and you know what they are thinking ("ditzy prego"). Are you pregnant or do you have children already?


E - February 17

Oh, and the worst part of all is that I was convinced that my car HAD to be stolen b/c there was no way in hell I could possibly be wrong! I now have to doubt everything I have ever said to anyone, especially my husband:) He uses that example every time we debate or argue. What can I say after that? I am certifiable.


~m~ - February 17

LMAO E!!!! That is such a funny story! I've searched the wrong level before, but I figured out what I had done before I called security. I hope you don't mind that I'm laughing. That just has got to be the funniest thing I've heard in a while! :o)


E - February 17

It is funny. I deserve to be laughed at. Sadly it was only 2.5 weeks ago. I still feel wounded from my own stupidity. I went home and went straight to bed. Hub asked me not to leave the house for a while, lol:)


Becky - February 17

I am a receptionist right now (I am suppose to be changing jobs in the company next week), and just an hour ago I was talking to my boss who was standing right by my desk. The phone rang and I answered it, they were calling for her, so I promply pushed the b___ton for her office and called her name... She kind of looked at me like... "umm...I'm right here..." Then we both laughed (and I blushed and remembered this thread). I REALLY need to get away from the phones :-p


deb - February 17

Man I am glad I am not the only one. I am been so forgetful lately and thought it was just me. It's good to know I'm not the only one. I guess I need to warn the other 3 girls in the office so they will be ready to go dingy.


nicole - February 17

Wow, I needed a little laughter to bring me away from all this baby stress. Thanx!



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