Breast Change And Discharge

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Michelle - April 5

Hello. How many of you are sick of me yet? Just playing, I am hoping someone can help answer some questions. What ELSE besides pregnancy could cause dark veins in just one br___t and the other one has more veins but not as dark? And ALSO-what else could cause you to have two episodes of brown spotting instead of your period, but then your period appears "sorta" about two weeks later. I have never had either happen to me before and I am not understanding why I had this brown discharge with cramps, but then when I did bleed "sorta", no cramps at all. How can so many signs point to pregnancy and it not be that? I am sure you all know my situation as I have posted on here religiously but here they are: 1. 10 day late period. 2. Brown spotting twice when period should have been here. 3. Period was pinkish, brown, and bright red with NO cramping on and off for 4 days. 4. Veiny br___ts. 5. darker areolas around the edges. 6. Headaches, frequent naps. 7. Crying one night and laughing the next. 8. Faint positve urine test, then the rest negative. Some different, some same test. 9. Negative quantative blood test 18 days after s_x. (which is the only time I could have conceived) 10. Had s_x a week before period was due. 11. Bloated ALL the time. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO MY BODY? If I am pregnant, I would only be 23-24 days along. If I am not--then I think my body is falling apart. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. Answer my two main questions. Why the discharge and why the veiny br___ts?? Thanks-


Layla - April 5

Don't know could have had an early miscarriage. At what point in time were the blood test and the hpt's? I've had the same thing as far as the break through bleeding or spotting along with cramping and then light period. Trust me I know it is aggravating!


stacey - April 5

Hmmm frustrating..but, I was thinking the same thing- early miscarriage. What do you mean negative quantative bllod test? They didn't give you a #?


Livvie - April 5

U remind me of me, listing all your symptoms with numbers. Well I think if u got a positive at least once thats great. Which tests came first though? You know what, I read a post where someone got a positive on a home test and then a negative on her doctors the next week but she was actually preggers. I think perhaps the + test detects less hormones than the other ones. I would get a us if I were u. I am leaning towards + for u. Keep yur head up and keep us posted!


Michelle - April 6

Thanks for writing. Well the doctor said they were giving me a quant_tive test but when I called to get results they were quite rude (younger girls) telling me that I had to wait until Monday when the doctor got back. But I demanded to know since I had it taken on Wednesday and was supposed to know by Thursday-so they said hang on. Well some woman got on there and told me that since my doctor wasn't there another DR. looked at it and said it was negative. They didn't give me numbers or anything. They were quite rude and I doubt I go back there. It was kinda like a planned parenthood place. Anyway-I got all negatives at first, then a positive about a week after bleeding and now everything is negative. I am just going to sit back and wait. I guess if I am, I will know in due time. I have spent so much money on preg. tests. I am going to wait to see if I miss a period this month or something. Thank you all. Write me if you want at [email protected]


Livvie - April 6

Michelle: Check out Some dollar store tests have a good rap sheet and there is a brand at Walmart call Equate that is like two boxes (4 tests) for six bucks and its one of the best. Keep us posted!



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