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TTCbabyNo2 - July 15

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what may or may not be happening just now... I am still br___t feeding my one year old son. I probably feed him an average of 3 times a day. My periods have not yet returned, but my hubby and I are very keen to have another baby. A number of times since giving birth I have thought I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms and was one of the lucky people who conceived on their first ovulation post giving birth without having a period... my body has fooled me and I hope it's not doing it yet again! The details are: My hubby and I BD on Fri 3rd July. On 12th & 13th felt what may have been implantation cramps (I had these last time). I tested yesterday and today both tests negative. Unfortunately because I haven't had a period I have no time lines other than being able to give a date when we last BD. Other symptoms the last couple of days: runny nose, slightly more tender than usual br___ts and the odd additional cramp, (all in uterus area). Does anyone know when you should test after experiencing potential implantation cramps? Have I tested too early (I hope so)! Getting fed up of seeing BFN's but realise I'm very lucky to have had one baby already. Any tips gratefully received or ideas about when a test would pick it up if I am... Sorry for the uber long post!


Grandpa Viv - July 15

Let's guess that you ovulated Jul 7th, then a period would have been due Jul 21st. If you are indeed getting pregnant, my guess is that a test next weekend Jul 19 using first morning pee would have some chance of showing positive, and a test a week later would have an 80% confidence level. Good luck!


TTCbabyNo2 - July 16

Thank you so much for your post! That definitely gives me hope. Had another BFN this morning... So frustrating not knowing if it's all in my head, especially not having AF come back since baby no 1! Just never know when to test, but I'm liking your logic! Thank you thank you - will post to let you know what happens...


kimberly - July 16

Implantation usually happens at 6 to 10 days past ovulation, once the egg implants hcg starts to be produced, it can take a few days for the hcg to rise to a detectable level. But, as you know you might not be ovulating because of the b___stfeeding. I would start checking cervical fluid(gross I know) for signs of ovulation and maybe try using opk's. You can buy them cheap online and save lots, that way you could buy a bunch of them and test everyday to see if you can see you are ovulating. You could also start temping and see if you can pinpoint it that way. But, unfortunately lots of women don't begin to ovulate again until they completely stop b___stfeeding. I weaned my first a few days after his first birthday and I didn't get my period back for atleast 3 months after I weaned. I don't think I ovulated until then.


TTCbabyNo2 - July 17

Thanks Kimberly - thanks for your input... I hope you're wrong, but I think you're most likely right. An impatient person, I bought very high sensitivity tests from the net and I'm testing negative on those... I have now bought a Ovulation microscope and some home ovulation sticks, (cheap from the internet like you suggested). Figure I'd be sooooo happy if it turns out I'm pregnant afterall that I won't mind about the waste of money!! Thanks for the help, hope to be posting on the TWW board knowing I've ovulated before long. Have got Hamish down to two feeds a day now... Will most likely wean him completely before the end of the month as he eats solids and drinks cows milk and we'd really like a little bro or sis for him!


TTCbabyNo2 - July 30

Update - wasn't pregnant, (just my head messing)... Thank you Kimberly - bought cheap OPK from internet and came up positive yesterday - so hoping this is it - at least I have an idea of when/if something is happening! Have moved to the TWW thread. Thanks again!



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