Breast Pains Even After Period

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Eva - July 30

Hey everyone, sorry if this question is redundant, but I need to ask it anyways. I started having dull aches in my br___ts last week, and I experienced several other signs of pregnancy as well, but come friday (July 22) I started my period which was actually 5 days early. It seemed to be pretty normal, except that it started slower. I usually start very heavy and stay that way for 3-4 days, but instead it was medium for 1 day, then 3 days heavy then spotting. That sounds like a normal period, and it included the usual clots, but I'm still having shooting pains in my br___ts and nipples, primarily the left br___t. The last time I had s_x was around the 9th - 11th of July. I'm wondering if this is still a sign of possible pregnancy, despite my period, or if its something else. What else might it be, and how likely is it that I'm pregnant?


to eva - July 30

hi! i wish that i had a good answer for you...however i dont. some say that you can get a light...or sometimes heavy period while pregnant...but it isnt all that normal or common, i also am experiancing the same thing right now, and am quite confused as to what is going on. i want to get into see the doctor, but i am at a stand still right now, since my husband is in the military, and i have to be referred to the obgyn by my primary care manager, so if i find anything out, i will let you know, however i would say in your case to go ahead and make an appointment, and take a few pregnancy tests just to see if you are in fact pregnant good luck to you! and sorry that i couldnt be of more help!


Eva - August 2

I took a HPT today and got a BFN. I'm planning to retest in a few days, but I think I'm getting a summer cold/flu, so that combines with the stress of worrying about being preg probably brought on my symptoms. I just thought I'd update.


Marie - August 2

Hi Eva! I have been experiencing sore nipples, fatigue, bloating, slight cramping, and I have been very hungry. Just recently, I got a scratchy throat and a runny nose. I feel like I am coming down with a cold too! Could that be a sign of pregnancy, too? Is your immune system low at this time? I am starting to wonder. Anyway, I am not due for AF until 8/9-8/ I am waiting it out. Would love to hear back from you!


Eva - August 2

I haven't read anything about cold/flu being a symptom of pregnancy, but I'm not a doctor. If you are TTC then I wish you luck. :) I wasn't so I was letting stress get to me, and I know that can lower your immune system.


hi eva #2 - August 2

hi eva! i wrote to you before, but i just wanted to check in on you, once more. i too still have sore b___sts, and negative pregnancy tests, and feel like i am coming down with something. i am going to the doctor today, but i guess just for a referral to see the obgyn, so i might not really get in until the end of this month or next month. i have had 2 abnormal periods, (last month and this month) so i am not too sure what is going on. i think that i ovulated though, so that is a sign of not being pregnant, along with the negative pregnancy tests, so we will see. i am keeping my fingers crossed for you! are you planning on making a dr appointment any time soon? take to you soon!


Eva - August 2

I forgot to add in that I have got a doctor appt tomorrow morning, so I should have a better idea then. I'll let you know.


to eva - August 2

awesome! i would love for you to keep me posted, and i will do the same! good luck to you tomorrow!



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