Breast Veins

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lissica - March 25

Just a quickie for any veterans out there. Does everyone who's br___ts get swollen due to pregnancy get those blue veins?I hope this isn't a stupid question but i am very curious.


Emma2 - March 26

Hi Lissica....Not everyone gets all symptoms. Some women get none until 8+ weeks, some get them earlier, some get NONE throught entire pregnancy. I am 5 weeks and my first sign at 10 DPO was the breats heaviness and very prominent veins on them. I never have veins normally, so I knew right away!


lissica - March 26

thanks so much for your input. :D


want2beamummy - March 27

Hi, I'm not sure if I'm pregnant yet, my AF is due today but hasn't showed yet. I had spotting at 7dpo and very very heavy sore b___sts all of that week. Today I have noticed my bb's are practically covered in blue veins and are not usually. I'm going to test in a few days, so I'll let you girls know. Good luck!


Emma2 - March 27

You can test today ...sounds very promising for you..Good luck


want2beamummy - March 27

Hi Emma2, I'll keep you posted, will test today if I get time to grab a hpt on my way home! Thanks! ;)


gem - March 27

wanttobeamummy any news yet?-*


want2beamummy - March 28

Hi Gem, I haven't tested yet, thanks for asking. I am going to hold out until tomorrow morning. Only becuase I can't face another bfn so am trying to wait as long as possible. Fingers crossed for me! ;) Are you ttc?


lissica - March 28

hi want2beamummy, did the blue veins just appear over night sort of thing or did they start out as little white lines?


want2beamummy - March 28

Hi Lissica - I noticed them appera over about 2 days, and I didn't notice any white veins first. Is this what you're experiencing?


lissica - March 28

yes i have very faint white lines all around both b___sts..stretchmarks from growing bigger?i have no idea and i also have a few little white bumps around the nipple..not the regular ones.could just be hormones i am guessing.


mommy3 - March 28

I got those blue veins with my first pregnancy. after 3 pregnancies they don't seem to go away. But if you've never had them before it could be a good sign. lol and babydust.


lissica - March 29

well i hope all these things are signs and i get a BFP so i can stop harra__sing everyone with all these little questions lol.


im_danielle_hi - March 29

help i got little bubbles on my nipples anyone know wut there are


Mandy - March 29

before i found out i was preggo i had blue veins on my b___st and legs.they were very visable.



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