Breasts Leak When Squeezed

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CareBear - March 21

I am new to this site, but I'm glad I came across it. It seems like people actually answer you here! Anyway, I am due for AF tomorrow, but have been suspecting prg. for the past 2 weeks. I've had heartburn, cramps, headaches, hot flashes, but thought maybe that was just PMS. THEN, today in the shower my bbs felt a little tingly so I squeezed one and yellow milky stuff came out. Just a drop. So I squeezed the other and the same thing. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a sign of preg. or if it can happen pre-AF as well. It freaked me out!!! I would appreciate ANY input from ANYONE!!! Thank you.


Dawn - March 21

Hi Carebear...I am also due for AF at any second and also have all of the cla__sic signs...with b___st discharge, too, since last Friday. Clear, or "straw" colored discharge is a normal sign of pregnancy..if you think your "yellow" could resemble a straw colored, I think it's a great sign...mine is both straw colored and clear....good luck!


jena - March 21

yes, i've heard that's a sign as well... never had it (never been pg though yet!) but good luck to you!


CareBear - March 21

Yes I'd describe it as "straw" colored. I just wasn't sure if it was pregnancy or if it could happen during PMS as well. If it can't then I'd almost bet I'm preg. Good luck to you as well!! And thank you for your replies!! Keep me posted!


CaraBear - March 21

...and keep the input coming!! =0)


Sarah - March 21

It could be a sign on Pg but also, I went to the dr. for the same reason, my mom has b___st cancer so any change in my b___sts I go to get checked, My dr. told me that small amounts of b___st discharge are normal, and caused by hormone changes. Which could mean PG, but also your hormones change before AF. Wish I could be more help.


CaraBear - March 21

Bummer =0(


CareBear - March 21

Is it too early for leaking to happen? Again, AF is due tomorrow


victoria - March 22

Well i,ve been having the same thing and it does not usually happen to me i've also been preggo before i have a 2 year old mine is watery or white, i've had 2 bfn already and had a weird period this month. i'm not due for af til next month but i'l let you guys know what the doc saids


CareBear - March 22

Well, AF is due today, but I am showing no signs of PMS. Just LOTS of heartburn and tingly bbs that will leak if squeezed. I took 2 hpts last week, which were bfn, but I think it was too early. I will let everyone know what happens - this will be my third if I am pg. However, it's been 9 years since the last and I don't remember having symptoms this early. If I am pg. I will list all my symptoms so everyone else will know they are not crazy!! Ha! I would still love any input from anyone. Fingers crossed!


Layla - March 22

I'm not sure if it's a sign or not but it sounds like one to me. Mine definately were that way when I was pregnant but not this early however, if I had that happen to me I would bet I was preggo again!



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