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krissy2006 - August 1

Brenda, how long have u been on this site. Your name looks so familiar. I believe there used to be a BrendaW on here a year or so ago. If it was you I was wondering how your ttc adventure is going?


sunshine7610 - August 1

Hi Krissy, I'm not Brenda, but I thought YOUR name looked familiar too. I'm guessing you were on this site a while back as well. Did you get pregnant and have a baby? I think I remember someone with your name (or similar) that did get their bfp. It was when Layni and Lin were regulars on here. ......Can't remember others right now. How are you?


krissy2006 - August 4

Hey Sunshine! Sorry it took a while for me to respond...Yes I came on here in August 06... got pregnant in my 12th month of trying, miscarried at 11 weeks, had a d&c, then went on to get pg again the very next cycle and my dd was born june 9th at 38 weeks. I remember Layni and Lin and Jeanette and so many other ladies who we don't see around here much anymore!! How r u??? where r u in your journey??


BrendaW - August 4

yeah Krissy that was me and it has been about a year and a half. Me and my DB at the time broke up so that was that. lol Now i am with the love of my life and married and very happy. I do rememeber you too. How are things with you? I am not necessarily trying to conceive, i was on bc pills for awhile but have recently stopped but have not had af since 6/14 so i came back on here to see if anyone had any advice for me. First time in my life i have missed af but all pg test are - so go figure lol Congrats on your DD!! Jesse and Amber and venus all had their babies as well. So did Lin by now !


sunshine7610 - August 4

Hi Krissy, congrats on the new baby! I just started coming back to this board a couple months ago. I stopped reading it for a long time b/c the whole ttc was on hold for about a year or so. I had surgery and was on meds before the surgery to shrink a fibroid so I was not ttc. But now I'm back in the game so I thought I'd come back and chat with other people in the same boat as me. I have a great dr now so I am pretty hopeful. Lin must have had her baby by now as well...? Congrats again! What did you name your dd?



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