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mandie - July 16

my husband and i just had s_x and when i went to go pee i wipe and saw bright red blood with some af was june 25th and i have irregular afs...never this close apart...what could it be????i am scared!!!


Kim - July 17

Hi Mandie, I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for you but, try not to panic. I know that's easier said than done. Can you tell if you are still bleeding?


Marleen - July 17

I dont have an answer sorry .... I am wondering if I got my period 5 days early but have had and is also having the pregnancy there a chance that I may be pregnant? I got my period on day 23 this is really odd... thanks for reading


Binx - July 17

Last month I had a really crazy came on day 24 (early for me) and on the third day of it, it got really really heavy and I had HUGE clots fall into the toilet. I actually went to emergency because I thought I was having a miscarraige! They did an v____al exam and removed some clots as well as a blood test. They said that if it was a miscarraige I would still have the hormone in my bloodstream. Well, the blood came back negative. They chalked it up to just a really irregular period. If you are still bleeding, I would guess that it is just your period. If you are not bleeding anymore, I would maybe call your doctor tomorrow. Marleen...some people get their period when they are pregnant but it is rare. I would wait a bit and then use a hpt. I thought I had all the symptoms last month but I was not pregnant.


mandie - July 17

i woke up this morning and there was a little bit of very light pink spots and only when i is way to early for me to start my af already...had a little bit of stomach cramps last night an my right ovary was hurting yesterday for a i'm having a little bit of cramps but nothing like my af cramps.....thanks for all the input!


.... - July 17



Binx - July 17

Could be implantation bleeding? I don't think people have bright red with clots when it comes to implantation bleeding. Give it another day or so and see if it goes away.


Marleen - July 17

Thanks for the information...Seriously im so scared the blood went away but when I urinate and dry myself there is blood in the tissue and my pad has no blood stains. Do you think i have to go to the hospital? what can this be?


Jessy - July 17

think i'm pregnant but I starting bleeding on day 23. If implantation spotting last about two days and I had it for a day and a half but now when I urinate and dry myself blood is on the tissuse what do you think it might be? When can i take a pregnancy test? any imput please share...


Binx - July 18

I wouldn't start taking hpt's until about two days before your expected period. You are more likely to get a positive result after your period is late. Hope this helps!


Masha - July 18

Hi Mandie, It is could be implantation bleeding, but it is not common. I had bright red with some clots implantation bleeding almost for half of day when I got pg with my daughter. It stoped suddenly as it started. I'm pretty sure IF you are pg home pregnancy test will show you it now and call your dc. Hope it helps, good luck!


mandie - July 18

well the bleeding or spotting has stopped i now have clear mucus kinda stretchy but not really bad cramps this morning and i also had this tigling pulling sensation right below my belly b___ton and a bad cause of the "poops" sorry if i'm thinking this could be it for me but not gettig my hopes up either,,,cervic is still high and bbt was 97.7 yesterday and now its we'll see in a few weeks!!!


mandie - July 18

well cm is now light brown and only when i wipe no sign of af at all even though i'm not due for af for anothr week and a half never in my 13 years have i had this happen the only thing that has changed is me monitoring my cm and bbt for 2 months i guess i'll take any sign just as long has her ugliness don't show........


bump - July 18



mandie - July 19

well the spotting has stopped for now and my temps are up to 98.5...i feel like total husband don't want to hear about anything that is going on with's like he don't .even care..i guess i'll just wait for af to show or not show up in a few weeks and i think after that if i am not pg then i will be out of the game for good....good luck to everyone else


maggie sewell - July 25

My peorid was bright red this month why is that


donnakelly09 - September 29

hi im new to this site so sorry if i have posted question on wrong bit me and my partner have now desided to try for out third child im 25 and i did think i was pregnant but i didnt want to take a test yet ive showed signs of being pregnant being sick sleepy cant eat any hot food at the mo makes me sick little things like that really but this morning i have come on but im bleedy really heavy and the blod is dark red and theres clotting im also getting really bad pains in my belly and usually when i do come on i have no trouble and no pain any one have any ideas



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