Britney Spears Is Pregnant

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Sara - April 12

I wish that is was by a better guy, but I wish her the best anyhow. I just read the news from AOL.


so - April 12

who cares!!!!!!!!!!


To so - April 12

If she can get pregnant there is hope for the rest of us!!


areyoukidding? - April 12

you sound excited? are you kidding me? are you 15? it makes me sick to think of her as a mother! she better get her act together and realize that she wont be "playing house", but she will be raising a child....god, i will pray for that baby!


T - April 13

I agree...are you kidding me!?! You must be like 12 to be putting that on here. No one cares...and I think it's sad. I will also pray for the baby!!


to the britney fan! - April 13

yeah who cares,we only care if its us that are pregnant or our friends on this forum.......besides thats old news about britney!


vanessa - April 13

I agree with the above response. If we can't be happy for each other (no matter WHO they are) than why are we even here?


WOW - April 13

pretty nasty ladies. Well said "ashamed of this board."


but our point is.... - April 13

if britney was posting on here herself and part of this forum then yes we'd be congratulating her,but its like me saying"oh this women i met today is pregnant,i dont know her but lets wish her well!" would any of you give a s*** about that!!


ashamed of this board - April 13

Yes-I would be happy for her. It is that part of being a woman that makes us who we are. We can relate to one another. We can understand the happiness other women feel when they have a human being inside of them. Just be nice. If you don't like the person, keep it to yourself. All I am saying.


Jena - April 13

gosh, can you not be excited for someone? it is a pregnancy forum and maybe Britney doesn't have the best hubby but it's always a miracle to bring a child into the world...


LeAnn - April 13

I think her husband is hot and a way cool guy. Just because he smokes and drinks doesn't make him bad. I bet all of your husbands are the same way and you feel you need to bash on other women who are just like you. Thats the way it usually works. Or your just jealous of her because she is beautiful and is pregnant and that is exactly what you want.


Layla! - April 13

Come on ladies give her a break. If you ladies didn't care then why did you click and read and much less respond?? It is kinda funny to read all of this. :)


yeah but........ - April 13

i also like britney but this is a forum about our pregnancies not about some popstar who we dont know!


Leah - April 13

You see... THIS is why I don't have any close girlfriends. Can we not just put away the 'claws' and have some basic human decency? Of course we don't know Britney personally but how many of the woman on this forum know each other PERSONALLY? Why does she not deserve the same excitment and respect any one of us would expect on this forum? As a woman - I am happy for her. I am not here to judge what kind of mom she will be.. whether she is old enough, mature enough, ready... whatever. I hope that when the day comes that I can share the exciting news of being pregnant, I don't log on to find that everyone is bashing and/or judging me. Let's try to give each other a break. Going through ttc and pregnancy is hard enough, isn't it?


haha - April 13

i think all you girls putting down sara are just bitter because britney got knocked up before you... get over it!! hahaha!! you're all so mean and you have the auda__sidy to say that someone else shouldnt be having kids, why dont you look in the mirror because now its i that am praying for your babies ...


catty - April 13

This is exactly why choose guy friends over girl friends. Too catty over nothing. This is a pregnancy forum correct? Britney is pregnant correct? What might be silly to one person, may not be to the other. Do you write nasty things when someone writes " I just farted, am I pregnant?" NO! Stop being silly ladies. I agree with you Leah!



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