Brown Bleeding This Is Not Just Spotting

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gingy - May 24

I am about 6 wks along, and have had this brown bleeding for several wks. I am going to the dr. on Tues the 26th for an exam. I know that brown blood is old blood, but this is not just simple spotting. I had a m/c in Jan, so I kind of know what that is like. (I am not having any cramping with this so called bleeding). There are some days with nothing and then I will have this brown blood for a few hours and then it stops for a day or so and then it starts again. There are times that when I go to the bathroom it just "runs out" and will settle on the bottom of the toilet. I called the nurse the other day and she said as long as it was not bright red blood and I was not cramping that they won't really know what is going on until they examin me. Brown blood is old blood, but really... if this is really old blood where is it all coming from?


HappyAsh - May 27

let us know what they say...weird..


kimberly - May 27

My best friend had a subchronic hematoma when she was pregnant. This is where a blood vessel burst due to probably where the egg implanted. Brown blood is old blood, if it is a hematoma it is probably just the blood from it leaking out, which is old blood if it isn't bleeding anymore. There is a risk of miscarraige a__sociated with this, my friend miscarried at 12 weeks, her brown bleeding started at 7 weeks, her baby was fine at 10 weeks and then at 12 she bled heavily and miscarried. Some women have no serious complications from it, it depends on where the hematome is. If it is in a place the placenta needs to attach it is not good. So if this turns out to be your issue make sure you ask about the location of the hematoma. It could also be totally unrelated to this though. I hope this doesn't scare you, but I am sure it will, I just know that my friend said it would have been easier for her to deal with if someone had told her the risk was there, but her Dr. told her baby looks great and she had nothing to worry about.


gingy - May 27

I went to the dr yesterday and he said some women spot and go on to have a normal pregnancy. I don't think he realizes how much this is happening. Anyways, this appears to be an etopic pregnancy. I go back on Thurs for more blood work and then more than likely a D&C on Friday. I'll keep you posted.


gingy - May 27

My hcg levels on Friday the 22nd were 606, they were rechecked on Tue. the 26 and they were only at 820. I will have them rechecked on Thursday (48 hours past the last blood test.) The dr is concerned this is why I have been "bleeding", plus nothing was seen on a v____al ultrasound. Although this may be because it is too early. I have given up all hope and have been a complete basket case since this news. I have physically been drained and exhausted and mentally the same. I just want this to be done with.


kimberly - May 28

So sorry to hear this is happening to you! Try to keep the Faith and keep your chin up:) Let us know how everything turns out for you!



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