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Daphne' - May 18

i have irregular periods, and i tracked the length between the last two, and would be 18 days late if i calculated right. today i had a brown discharge, could this be a sign of anything?


R - May 21

Hi Daphne, I know how you feel! I am 10 days late and today have started having brown discharge when I wipe. unfortunately i think it is af starting... I had high hope this month! Very depressing! I hope its not af for you too...


Yes!! - May 21

Pregnancy! IB can be brown. Good luck!


alice - May 29

ok...fine IB can be brown---but how long is it to last---and when to test ?


terri - June 1

id like to know too..ive been wiping brown since sat, and yesterday i thought i got period (it was red), but then turned brown again the rest of the nothing??and also my b___bs stopped hurting..anyone had this and preggo id like to going to test 2morrow


alice - June 1

good luck terri---let us knew !!!!!


Tara - June 1

This happened to me the same time my period was due, so I thought I was having a weird period. It lasted over a week, so I called my doctor and she did a pregnancy test that day. I was indeed pregnant!


terri - June 1

sweet!congrats!!I hope I am pregnant..!! its never been like this b4..the brown always turns red for several days, but there was only a drop..then when my b___bs stopped hurting i thought i wasnt pregnant..


alice - June 2

I have been going through a week of brow wipes...terri let us knew...good luck---i think i will test this weekend...i am scared...dont want another bfn


mandie - June 2

hello again....i just wanted to say that i got pg in march but didn't know...i also hae irreg periods but in april i didn't want anything to do with anybody and i felt weird which is not normal for me but i also started spotting and having a brown discharge and then it would turn red well i found out beginning or may i way pg and that time i was spotting i miscarried...not to worry you but please go get checked out!!!!!!


kEEKEE - June 2

I found out that brown discharge can mean infection, pregnancy, or from birth control. Geta check up. Good Luck!!!!


terri - June 2

well i got a BFN this morning from a you think it still may to soon to show??maybe ill test again in a week


kate - June 2

terri---go for a blood test----plus does anyone knew when a pregnancy like this case with the brown wipes goes directly into a miscarriage---what are the signs ?


daphne - June 2

well i sort of had a period, it was really light, and then i spotted last night, what could that mean? i am going to the doctor tomorrow and i will mention that.


Sam - June 2

I had a brown discharge — very very light — for a week or so, and I was pregnant. It started a bit before AF was due, and continued for a couple days after. I had a blood test, and it was positive. Good luck!


Carol - July 18

I'm really nervous, I've taken 4 pg tests and all came out Positive, I've been discharging brown since the beginning of the week, sometimes it is light and sometimes it is a big glob. Sorry to be so discriptive. I'm really scared. I went to the doctors last Monday and he saw nothing on the U/S he thinks I might have been "just pregnant" That would mean I might be 2-3 weeks along. I'm waiting for my blood work to come back. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow. I'm just glad to hear that other people are experiencing this. Thanks for listening.


mandie - July 18

2 days ago i had bright red with c___ts when i went to the bathroom yesterday was kinda pink and now today i have brown my last af was june 25th and this should be around the time i am ovulating does anyone have any clues...i also had a m/c in may and this has never happened before with the brown and pink discharge......



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