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Mel - December 20

Hi All, Great to hear your experiences. I'd be very greatful if someone could offer me some advise? My husband and I are trying for a baby. The first day of my last period was the 22nd Nov. We have been using ovulation tests and I ovulated on the 6th Dec. My period would have been due 21st Dec (tomorrow). (It is normally very heavy and regular). On Sat 18th Dec I noticed very light brownish/clear (spotting?) that has continued and I am still experiencing today. I only notice it when I wipe after using the toilet and it hasn't developed into a normal period.. Is there any chance that I could be pregnant? I have taken several tests , but they have been negative - but then it may be too early to show up? Any advise would be greatfully appreciated! Good luck to everyone xxx


Mel - December 22

I'm pregnant every one ! 4 positives ! Good luck to you all! I am still spotting tho , since the 18th is this normal? Im seeing the doctor tomorrow xxxxxxx


Valerie - December 22

wow!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jenn - December 22

with some women it is very normal to have spotting through the entire preg.... if cramps accompany it then i would be concerened... go to a dr too.... how far along are you do you know.... i just found out that im 8 weeks preg... congrats!!!


Mel - December 23

Hi Valarie! Thanks xxx


Mel - December 23

Hi Jenn, That’s wonderful news - congratulations too! I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. The doctor was lovely, we took one of the tests along and he said it was defiantly confirmed & congratulations, and he didn't need to test me again! (I’ve done 6 in total) According to my dates I am 5 weeks, 2 days. Due on the 29th August 2005. He said to me "to be careful not to get emotionally attached as 25% may end in miscarriage & for me its very early days but if I make it to 10 weeks I am unlikely to miscarry” I’m so scared now I really want this baby .. the spotting is still there but much lighter.. and I have began feeling queasy & I’m very tired. Have you had many symptoms at 8 weeks? All the best Mel x



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