Brown Spotting Had A Period Another One Far Off

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PreciousBaby19 - October 10

Hi..I had a period on about mid september..If i was preg i would have been due may 26th or the 22nd..sometime in thoses timeframes.anywa. I had a period and i have al ong about 42 day cycle...i'm around day cycle day like i dunno 17 if i was ..i haven't been counting..anyway. I've been brown spotting since i had my period..and it was really light. i've been having other signs...weird cramping..diareha..then constipation...things like i'm spotting again..i would be about 7 or 8 weeks..i'm moody and uhg..i'm telling isn't true...and that i'm not..i dont want false hope..i mean..can the spotting be something?


kelbabe - October 10

maybe, maybe not. the spotting could be something to do with pregnancy, or it could be your body cleaning yourself out! to be honest, i didnt really understand your post. if you may be about 8 weeks gone, havent you had a period for a few months?


PreciousBaby19 - October 10

Sorry I didn't mean to make it so horrible. I had a period in the middle of sept. So i didn't think I was pregnant. It was light but none the less it was a period. it started off as brown spotting..then 2 days of red very light flow. then 3 days of brown spotting. So i've just ignored it really. I've had cramps since then like all the time plus a tons of other symptoms. I haven't taken a test because i didn't want to get false i've been just..ignoring it...i had brown spotting the last couple of weeks and today i have comes and goes...i always seem to have some sort of cramps..and i'm it really possible that i'm 8 weeks after having a period? i dunno...i'm more confused. I have a doctors appt tomorrow but i just can't get it out of my head.


beckyz - October 10

Hi Precious Baby, I think you should take a home preg test, then you will know either way


Bren1367 - October 10

You could be pg, but you need to test to be sure. I fell pg in April and had brown spotting off and on for 11 weeks and than I m/c. I also had a cousin who had the same spotting throughout both of her pregnancies. I'm glad you're going to the dr. That is the best thing to do if you are concerned.


PreciousBaby19 - October 11

even if i had a period? Thats why i've been ignoring it...i mean..i had a where is all this coming from...i'm going to see my doctor..shes not in until friday so i have to wait.



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