Brown Spotting Before AF

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stella - October 24

I have brown spotting before 1 day before AF with regular 28 day cycles. Does anyone else have this? If so, have you been able to get pregnant? I am wondering if the spotting has something to do with not getting pregnant (TTC 5 months). I have asked my doctor and she isn't concerned.


Jane - October 24

I had it too and af came within the next 2 days. Could be IP too, but don't get too excited.


Stella - October 24

I have been having spotting day before AF each month since TTC. At first, I though it was IB, but then AF comes each time. I am wondering if this is a progesterone problem? But my Dr. wasn't concerned. But after 5-6months TTC I am looking for a new Dr. I am also wondering if anyone has been able to get pregnant and has this spotting? Jane-how long have you been TTC and have you been pregnant? Do you have spotting each month?


patty - October 25

that has happened to me since i have been ttc. 6 months. from the reading i have done it is from low progesterone...and i think with that the egg really can implant itself that easily. i think i will be going to my dr too soon---but now only for this but because i am ttc for 6 months with no luck !


C. - October 25

Spotting before AF is really common, and some say you should count the first day of spotting, as the first day of AF! I don't either, but it's all considered part of AF. It's kinda like a slow start-up to full b__wn AF, nothing to worry about. It wouldn't affect your ttc, so that's why your doc isn't worried about it. Very often ttc problems are due to not being sure when you're ovulating, are you sure about when you do? This site is good for finding answers to that. Also, there are some good groups on here that have been ttc for a while, and these groups are great at helping each other through this whole process/ordeal/adventure, whichever whay you look at it. Good luck Stella!


stella - October 25

C-thanks for your advice. thsi is what I have heard from the Dr. and from others who have tlaked with their Dr. but when I know I ovulate (BBT, saliva microscope) and I have regular cycles...the spotting is the one thing that seems abnormal and possibly the reason why I haven't conceived yet? But I am aware it can take time...and it is normal. But if something is wrong I rather fix it now then later!


stella - October 25

patty-did the spotting just start when you started TTC? That's when mine started. it has been about 6 months for me too. do you have regular cycles? How many days before do you spot? let me know what you find out. I will be going to a new dr soon hopefully this month so I will keep you updated as well.


patty - October 26

my spotting does not happen every cycle but i noticed it started to happen when i started ttc 6 months ago-. in june it was terrible 9 days of brown wipes !!!! last month i thought for sure i was preg because i spotted a bit 7 days before af was due-then af showed 1 week late and i spotted 1 day before i got my late af.i wascrushed to see the spotting after i was late 1 week. i have irregular cycles ---they are usually short like from 21-to 30 days.i never have very long cycles. now i am dealing with another problem-i will post that. so lets just say out of 6 months of ttc--i spotted 4 out of the 6 months(the spotting always occured before af)


stella - October 26

I have never had spotting before TTC. I was off BCP in january- started TTC in may-that's when this spotting started. I almost think I am conceving and then it isn't implanting and then i get spotting. A good test would be not to try at all for a whole month and then see what happens...but I am not willing to do that! The discharge that comes out is a bit clotted too. Which I never have before TTC, only along with the spotting. Anyway....we have the same thing gong on with the spotting only when TTC. were you on BCP? another explanation could be that I was on BCP and that's just how my cycles are now. My Dr showed no concern what so ever when I visited her in July. I have an appt with a new Dr. Nov 3. I am anxious to see what she says now that I have been TTC longer and have more data.


me too - October 26

I have had spotting, clotting, irregular periods the whole nine yards. Dr. said it was probably my cycle trying to regulate itself after going off BCP in January. I had my progesterone checked and it was normal.



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